Journalist Valon Rashiti told AJK that he was attacked on Tuesday evening by a citizen while he was covering a story. Around 7pm, journalist from television T7, Valon Rashiti was in the premises of University Clinical Centre of Kosovo covering a story about the injury of two persons that occurred in Pristina on Tuesday afternoon, and was attacked by family members of one of the victims and was hit in the head.

Journalist Bujar Vitija told AJK that on Friday afternoon he was contacted by Zenel Kuqi, procurement official of Pristina hospital, and asked for a meeting, and the journalist refused. Vitija, editor-in-chief of online magazine Shneta said that the official called him because of an article that was published by Vitija few days ago that was related about Kuqi’s trial, in which he was released on all charges. Kuqi was accused for damaging state’s budget. After Vitija refused to meet Kuqi, the latter threatened the journalist by swearing and offending him, and in the end has suggested to him to contact prosecution and police for the threat. “Notify the police and don’t waste time, as long as it is left for you”, Kuqi said. Case is reported to police.

After publishing an investigative article on the Mayor of Velika Kladuša, Fikret Abdić a citizen threatened to je the journalists of CIN through the official Fb page of CIN.

After an episode of show Zivot Prica about Serbian women who survived torture in a camp in Bosnia during the war in the 1990s, The author of the TV show received numerous threats from a Twitter user named “Rudolph Mesarosh”. Among other explicit insults and threats, the person wrote: “I’ll kill you, you treacherous whore” and “Did I tell you Chetnik whore to report me or I will cut that two-faced treacherous pig head of yours”.

Journalist of Vijesti Olivera Lakic was wounded on May 8, at 9 o’clock outside the building where she lives, on St. Petra Cetinjskog boulevard in Podgorica. Lakic, who was beaten six years ago on the same place, waited the man who shot her in the leg. When she fell on the sidewalk wounded, she saw that at least two more men were fleeing.

Lakic has a shotgun wound of the right lower leg and she is out of life’s danger.

According to police information, the assailant fled through the port, and in a bush a few meters away, the inspectors found a hand-held lamp.

The wounded journalist has written about cigarette smuggling in recent months, as well as earlier. At the beginning of 2011, she was investigating whether the Tara factory in Mojkovac and its warehouse in Donja Gorica produced and stored the smuggled cigarettes.

In her articles, it was said that police officers and the National Security Agency officers were linked with this illegal operation. Since February 2011, she has been disturbed and threatened, and in March 2012 she was beaten in the same place.


Journalist Mentor Gjergjaj was verbally threatened by a citizen in Gjakova while he was there with another colleague. Gjergjaj was doing a story about a victim who committed suicide. He was threatened by a family member. Journalist reported case to police.

A public official from the political party SDA threatened to the journalists Ramo Abidović.

Vojislav Seselj, the leader of the Serbian Radical Party and a member of the Serbian Parliament, in the tabloid Informer challenged Kovacevic’s right to talk about violence against women, he insults her and then added: “She allows herself something that nobody else would ever do. She will bear responsibility, eventually. I will punish her, personally …“

After broadcast of his show Ivan Ivanovic from TV Prva received serious threats via social networks form unknown individuals.  Threats include messages such as: “We will slaughter you like a c*nt if your foul mouth speak of Seselj again!”, “God forbid we meet! I’ll f*ck you traitor, f*ck your family and your traitor’s blood… we, Radicals, are many… you’ll see what you did to yourself!”. These and other threats came from social media accounts were deleted in the meantime.

(Seselj is a convicted war criminal, president of Serbian Radical Party and the member of Serbian Parliament)