On 01.12.2017 Marija Antic, journalists of N1 TV hosted Arnaud Gouillon who worked extensively with Serbs in Kosovo to discuss his humanitarian engagement and the upcoming public discussion at the  Faculty of Political Science. The journalists asked Gouillon about his previous engagement in the Les Identitaires, an  extreme right organisation in France, which he joined after an organisation Unité radicale where he was active had been banned in 2002. This line of questioning caused a salve of death threats to Antic and N1 in general, reminding us that there are  (death) ‘lists’ and that time will come when these ‘foreign mercenary scumbags calling themselves journalists’ will be dealt with

The vehicle of Miroslav Drobnjak, a correspondent of Večernje novosti from Pljevlja, was set on fire on October 11, and that, according to the expert’s findings, was done intentionally.

The expert’s report was made on October 20 (nine days after the event), while Drobnjak was informed about it after almost a month. According to information which SMCG has obtained, the police has not examined anyone regarding the attack on the Drobnjak

Deputy secretary Dženan Selimbegović publicly insulted journalist Sanel Prašković Gadžo and Arijana Saračević Helać through Facebook’s social network, calling them names.

Journalists Sanel Kajan and Arijana Saračević Helać reported threats sent to them via Facebook to Free Media Help Line.

After the article on the portal Dnevnik.ba titled “How Bosniak journalists hate: Here’s WhoWe Need to Live With: Deceptive Reactions of Bosniak Public on General Praljak” journalists Sanela Kajan and Arijana Helać were publicly called out because of their status on social network Facebook :”I’m thinking about Hermann, Gering and some parallels. You understand? “and” He is still a bad acquaintance of film art, and history. Even then, the Nazis have made poisonous stamps, which can be spilled with a stronger bite. He could have done it a bit more European. “and threatened to, followed by insult on their dignity and honor, abound with hate speech and calls for lynch.

Dragan Bursać recieved death threats via Facebook.

Amir Pašić Faćo verbally threatened via Facebook to journalists from magazine Žurnal after publishing a negative text a negative text on the political partie SDA.

Journalist Ardiana Thaci Mehmeti has been part of a lynching campaign by the head of Kosovo’s Air Navigation Services Agency, Bahri Nuredini. The latter decided not to provide any answers from the journalist since October 2, 2017. In a letter sent by Nuredini to media, he calls on all Kosovo citizens not to believe Thaci-Mehmeti’s reporting. He said the journalist created panic among passangers and has personal aims to attack the agency because of her personal and the intereste of a group.

Aid Mršić was requested by the editor to change the statement of the deputy in the assembly, Damir Mašić before publishing it.

The BiH Football Association denied accreditation to journalists of the Fokus.ba portalneeded to follow and report from the match between BiH and Belgium because there were no more available seats.