Investigative Journalist and Chief Editor of, Vehbi Kajtazi, was physically assaulted by an identififed suspect while he was getting out of cafe ‘Lounge’ on Friday afternoon, October 13th 2017. Mr. Kajtazi has received several punches causing light injuries and scratches and had to receive treatment at the Emergency Center in Prishtina.

Drago Miljus was standing at the public facility, outside police lines covering the police intervention at the Obojena svijetlost beach in Split.  The intervention was related to a suicide bomber who, unfortunately, came through with his intention. One of the policemen present started driving Miljus off, first verbally and then by pushing him away. The policeman threw Miljus mobile phone into the sea. He was joined by a special police force officer who hit the journalist in the head, knocking him down and splitting his lips. After the incident, Miljus requested medical assistance at the hospital where his lips were stitched.  Split police department announced that two policeman were dissmissed from duty.

On Saturday, September 16, in Veliki Pašijan near Garešnica, Nova TV reporter Ema Branica, cameraman Alan Novak and his assistant Goran Jaganjac were physically attacked while shooting. Brother of the person of interest of TV crew threatened and offended crew members and physically attacked Ema Branica, the journalist. She landed in a ditch and nearly bumped her head against concrete wall. The same person then attacked cameraman trying to break his camera.

The journalist Eldin Hadzovic was threatened to on Facebook, because of his comment on the text „Selamun Alejkum peder-efendija“.

On the Facebook page “Bosnjaci” comments that called for lynch and spread hate speech against these journalists were written.

Journalists of TV Pink, Gordana Uzelac and Mara Dragovic, were attacked during the protest of Dveri in front of the building of TV Pink, from which journalists reported.

Brother of Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković, Velizar Marković, has made a death threats to Vladimir Otašević, the journalist of Daily Dan.

In a phone call on September 11, along with many primitive and vulgar curses, Marković said to Otašević: “If you f**king continue to use for political purposes my back trying to understand things, then don’t ask yourself why someone gets killed. Do you get it?”  Also, he told Otašević “I will find you”, which also represents a threat.

Otašević had previously written about the family property of the Prime Minister Marković, and the property of his brother, Velizar Marković which irritated him. Otašević called Marković yesterday to ask for a phone number of his other brother.

Members of A-HSP party recently torched some copies of Novosti in front of its publisher’s headquarter repeating that Novosti had been spreading hate and inspired fire along Croatian coast. Members of that same party, led by its president Dražen Keleminec, torched again some copies of Novosti Magazine blaming it for spreading hate and asking for termination of financial support to the Magazine through the State Budget.  Both incident were followed by many threats against Novosti journalists, expressed directly or at social networks.

Editor-in-chief of “” Vehbi Kajtazi informed the Association of Journalists of Kosovo to have received a death threat. Kajtazi said that he was threatened by MP Beke Berisha that, according to journalist, went to a restaurant which is owned by Kajtazi’s friend and sent the message: “Tell your friend that if he mentions my name again in newspaper, bullet in the head awaits you”.