The President of OO BPS Ilijaš, Muhamed Handžić threatened the editor of Evropa magazin after publishing an article about him.

Facebook page „Vojvodstvo Svetog Save – Hercegovina Svetog Save“ (meaning  Leadership of st. Sava – Hercegovina of st. Sava is full of hate speech against Media in BiH, Journalists in BiH and BHJA.

City Councilor of SDA Bihać Hamdija Abdić published following content on his Facebook portal : “Whoever writes these nonsenses  for the portal Bisce, regarding me and recent happenings, needs to know that these things can have consequences. If he is ready for that, he shall continue. “Colleague Vahidin Durić reported the case to the competent authorities. The threat occurred after the portal submitted the news of the arrest of Hamdi Abdic Tigra and five more persons, on December 11,2017.

On two occasions – on Saturday night (04.02.32018) and again on Monday evening (05.02.2018) –disgraceful posters were glued into the glass entrance of the House of Journalists where the head office of Journalists Association of Serbia and Independent Journalists Association of Serbia associations is. The posters presented IJAS as an “Unhappy Association of Enemies of Serbia”. IJAS estimates that this is a professionally organized campaign because the posters were printed in color, on quality paper, and probably in a larger circulation, in order to distribute this shameful leaflet in other public places.

An unknown person sent to the president of the IJAS, Slavisa Lekic threatening message via Facebook. The message had the following content: “I fuck all of yours – dead or alive, you other Serbian scumbag! I fuck Bojana, who stopped your time, you sell-out. In the end – I fuck your bosses your bigheaded freak!” In October last year, the same person sent Lekic messages with similar content.

‘Other Serbians’  is a pejorative term for Serbian intellectuals who established communication with Croatian intellectuals during the war in the nineties. It is used by right wing groups to insult those who don’t share their values.

Journalist Parim Olluri has been a target of lynching campaigns that denigrate him in several pages of Facebook. The language used against Olluri has to do with his articles and investigative reporting.

Fan page “Albanian Real Facts” called Olluri as a Serbian spy, who aims to denigrate Albanian heroes. The comments in this posting contain several threats against Olluri.

The website of the talk show in Serbian languague “Slobodno srpski” was hacked four times within a short period of time. Budimir Nicic, author and moderator of the show claims that the attacks are as a result of a guest who was interviewed about the latest political situation in the northern part of Kosovo.

According to the journalists Nikola Radisic, while he walking down the street, he heard unusual sounds and shouting, and when he turned, he saw behind him two unknown men. After one of them spat on him, they started to threaten him: “I f**k your mother American…”, “I don’t want to see you anymore to walk through this street…” and “I’ll f**k your mother if I see you”.

From 16. January  2018, from the Facebook page of Serbia OUR country (Srbija NASA zemlja), Dragan Janjic received more than 300 comments with various insults, but also a direct death threats – “(take him) to Kalemegdan and put a bullet in his forehead”, „Hang him on the square“ and similar. Janjic, due to the expressed opinion on the twitter that “the liquidation of political opponents began”, received direct threats of beating, even murder. His address was offered publicly.