After the BH Journalists Association made a press release regarding the continued political pressure on RTV Zenica employees, the RTV Zenica editorial board sent a broad response to BH Journalists, in which they threatened with a defamation lawsuit against the BHJA.

In their announcement RTV Zenica editorial board states, among other things, that BH Journalists “can easily bear the consequences of groundless and libelous statements, conclusions and requests”.

After the BH Journalists’ Steering Committee issued a press release regarding the attack on RTV TK cameraman Ademir Mesanovic at the Kreka mine, and the Free Media Help Line asked Lukavac Police Directorate to investigate the case and to inform them of the actions taken, the security agency “Cobra Security” threatened with lawsuit for defamation against BH Journalists.

Former MP of Political Party “Vetëvendosje” and ex- Ombudsman of Kosovo- Sami Kurteshi has publicly labeled the former General Director of Radio and Television of Kosovo RTK Mentor Shala, and Chief Editor Ridvan Berisha regarding Astrit Dehari’s death in jail. Through a post on his Facebook account, Kurteshi has incriminated them for their role in this case.

After announcing that she had been banned from presenting her book “Huzur” at the festival in Citluk (Herzegovina), writer and journalist Martina Mlinarevic received a series of threatening hate messages through social networks.

The Free Media Help Line requested the Federal Police Directorate, the MUP of the West Herzegovina Canton (ZHK) and the ZHK Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case. The FUP inspector contacted the coordinator of the FMHL and they are working together on the case.

Near the “Rajko Mitic” Stadium, Federalna TV correspondent Dejan Kozul tried to make a television report near the setup tank. At the first moment, one man approached him following by group of young man, and asked him what he was doing there. After the journalist replied to them that he was making a TV report for the Federalna TV from Sarajevo, they asked him if he is a Serb. According to Kozul, this verbal attack could have overgrown into a physical attack, but because of his collage cameraman, it didn’t happen.

Near the stadium “Rajko Mitic”, ahead of the football game between Red Star – Young Boys, the N1 television crew tried to find out what was the fans’ attitude about setting up a tank near the stadium of Red Star. While recording their first interviewee, from the crowd they heard some abusive names like “spies”, “thieves”, “American mercenaries”… After the cameraman and journalist tried to avoid the incident and decided to move to the other side of the street, a group of young men continued to follow them. “I found the interviewees, I didn’t see them coming from behind, and when I asked a question, one of the guys grabbed the camera lens, tried to grab and break the microphone and when he failed, he ripped the sponge off the microphone and throw it on the floor”, said N1 journalist Mladen Savatovic.


Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK) has verbally attacked Gazeta Express with a press release. Through it, PDK has publicly called Kosovo’s citizens to not take into consideration the news published by Gazeta Express. The attack of PDK become more unacceptable by saying that “The website has already embarked on this mission with a clear purpose to hurt the PDK with an incomprehensible hostility. So, therefore, we call upon all Kosovo citizens to cast doubt on the news published by Gazeta Express.”

The Editor in Chief of the Serbian Telegraph, Milan Ladjevic, received threats via the social network Twitter.

After KRIK published story about Predrag Mali, brother of Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, tabloid Srpski telegraf published article “How is the plan for the collapse of government and Serbian President being implemented: They attack Vucic even through the babies“ in which they publishing false accusations against KRIK, they claimed that journalist approached Predrag Mali’s wife while she was with her baby and followed her to the entrance of the building.

These claims have been supported by security camera footage that allegedly depicts how the KRIK’s journalist followed Mali’s wife. Video, according to the statement of KRIK, shows an unknown male, who obviously is not one of KRIK team members. Also, Milan Ladjevic, editor-in-chief of Serbian Telegraph in a morning TV show on Pink television accused KRIK of using the “Japanese surveillance method” and that it is part of some secret operation “Omča”, allegedly carried out by Western embassies in order to crash Aleksandar Vučić and the SNS from power.

Several government representatives have been quoted it that same article – Zorana Mihajlovic, Goran Vesic, Miroslav Lazanski, Vojislav Seselj, Nikola Nikodijevic, Milos Vucevic and Dubravka Filipovski.