Following a series of articles published in connection with the crimes committed by Mujahideen in Central Bosnia during the war of the 1990s, journalists Gloria Lujanović reported threats via social networks.

On the demonstrations of former fighters of the Army of BiH, a group of demonstrates physically attacked the jopurnalists of, Kemal Softić.

Vial Facebook  inbox messages the online portal received messages containing curses and threats to the editor in cheef from certain Seada Sakić .

Journalist Agim Ademi recevied threats by Lipjan municipal official via telephone call asking journalists not to deal with him.

Cameraman Meriton Dajakaj informed AJK that owners of Ekonomia Online denied him the right to use the break during working hours and the owner insulted and attempted to hit him.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AGK) opposes the language used by the Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Baton Dushi, who has insulted journalist Edona Kutleshi regarding the publication of article “Chief of Cabinet of Minister Bytyqi has coffee business with MEST”, published on 06.11.2018, in the newspaper “Koha Ditore”. Dushi through a post on the social network Facebook has used offensive words towards journalist Kutleshi calling it “a monster” and “not professional”. “I’m sorry to have become the prey of such a monster! Worse, we have such a non-professional journalist. Instead of being really investigative, unfortunately she became a media sludge!”, Dushi wrote.

Zeljko Matorcevic was attacked by an unidentified young man on Tuesday morning who first followed him, then suddenly hit him at the head, and when Matorcevic fell to the ground he continued to hit him. Matorcevic suffered serious body injuries: his cheekbone was broken and in the following days he would undergo a surgical procedure.

On social networks as well as inbox mobile threats came to the editor of the Informative program in BHRT Marko Radoja, after he recommended that hosts do not wear a silvery flower on the rim, that is a symbol for memorial on the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide.

From confidential sources close to the police circles, journalist Milanka Kovacevic was instructed to “keep an eye out ” for possible revenge for the texts published on the Portal Direkt that dealt with problems in the Police Department Trebinje.