The businessman Zoran Azmanov made verbal threats to journalist Aco Kabranov.

The journalist was attacked by members of the private security agency “Nikob”, while she was reporting on the celebration of “Vodici” in Skopje.

Journalist Ivana Vucicevic received threat via social network Facebook. As UNS stated, the journalist told that after Goran Vesic announced on Facebook that Aleksandar Vucic would come to Studio B, she received a threat from an unknown person that she will be “swallowed by the darkness”.

A man burst into the Info Centar Jug portal’s offices in the town of Lebane, hurling insults at editor in chief Zaklina Cvetkovic Mladenovic and then threatening to set fire to her car.


As Serbia faces citizens’ street protests against the current government, Tatjana Vojtehovski, journalist and an author of TV programmes, publicly commented the events. Her public reactions caused a new wave of threats via social media, including hideous threats against her life and the life and wellbeing of her daughter.

Unidentified persons torched the home of the journalist Milan Jovanovic in Grocka. Jovanovic stated that the video surveillance from the neighborhood recorded two masked men throwing flammable devices into the garage before the fire engulfed the building. Jovanovic’s home has been destroyed in the fire.

Ivan Ivanovic received threats via social network Twitter. He received a lot of threats, some of them are direct death threats: “… you will get a bullet in the head from us “.

When journalist Milan Jankovic wanted to make a picture at the meeting of the local assembly, assistant of the president of municipality Mikan Mirosavic told him “not to photograph him and that he will break everything to him”. Jankovic told to Journalists Association of Serbia: “After more than an hour from this threat, I get out from the hall. I walked past Mikan and walked out. I heard in the lobby that he was following me. I didn’t stop, neither turn around, I continued to the exit. Except he kept insulting me, he threatened to find me and kill me”.

Following a series of articles published in connection with the crimes committed by Mujahideen in Central Bosnia during the war of the 1990s, journalists Gloria Lujanović reported threats via social networks.