Police officers took personal data of journalist Vanja Stokic and her colleague from e-Trafika because they were standing on a public surface near the temple at Banja Luka. The officers explained that they are taking their data because they are members of the group “Justice for David”.


Journalist and activist Husein Orucevic was attacked by an unknown person shouting offensive words. When journalist approached him and asked him if he would repeat all that on a tape recorder, the unknown man spilled water on tape recorder and destroyed it.

Person under the pseudonym “Šarenac” tweeted: “When shit happens, we will get Dragan Bursac first”.

The member of SNSD political party Rajko Vasic has wrote an article in which he insults, threats and spreads hate speech towards Srdjan Puhalo, blogger and journalist.

While she was photographing a butchery shop “Husic” where explosive device was thrown, the owner of the shop approached to journalist Meliha Smajkic, twisted her arm and forced her to delete the photos.


After she published an article at Source.ba, journalist Amila Alijagic received a series of insulting threats.

Person by the name Alen Tesic sent threatening message on Facebook messenger to Nermin Demirovic, journalist at “Dnevni avaz”.

Journalist Midhat Dedic had a traffic accident at the center of Sanski Most. Representative at Parliament of Federation BiH and president of Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Sanski Most Asim Kamber photographed the incident. When asked for information why is he taking photos, Asim Kamber pulled a gun on a journalist and physically attacked him.


During the filming of evictions of two families near “Kreka” mine, cameraman Ademir Mesanovic from Radio television TK was attacked. In the attack his camera was damaged and thrown into the mud.