Cameraman Vladeta Urosevic and journalist Danilo Masojevic were planning to film an interview with the Mayor of Leskovac. However, as they arrived near the venue, an unknown man from a nearby café started shouting and threatening them. The man used his car to block TV Prva crew vehicle. When the crew started taking the equipment out of the car, the man attacked cameraman Urošević, causing minor head injuries.

The councilor at the Maglaj Municipal Council, Muhamed Hrnjić, attacked journalist Nermin Deduković. He insulted the journalist using an unfriendly tone, while waving with his forefinger, which the journalist saw as a threat.

On April 1, in Bijelo Polje an explosive device was activated in front of family house of a journalist Sead Sadiković. In the explosion a car that did not belong to Sadiković and his family was damaged.

Sadiković said that the vehicle was parked in a place where he regularly, on a daily basis, parked his car.

On Monday, April 2, police identified and detained suspects, Ilhan and Hilmo Pepić from Rožaje. Detention of 30 days was determined for suspects.

According to the police, it is suspected that the motive for this attack was a defamation of family Pepić member, Husnija Pepić with whom Sadiković had an interview at the end of last year in his show “Without Borders”. In the show Sadiković presented Pepić’s Museum, whose owner is Husnija, in an unusual and satirical manner. The show raised great public interest.

Sadiković claims that it is still necessary to find out who ordered the attack in this case.

After publishing a text on a car accident, Mladjo Zelenovic verbally attacked journalist Milanka Kovacevic.

In the courtroom of the Special Court in Belgrade, Vojislav Seselj mocked witnesses at the war crimes in Kravice. At one point he asked, “Is there anyone from Women in Black? Let’s change them to blue.” Since there was no representative of this NGO in the courtroom, journalist of daily Danas Jeleni Dikovic stated that she was from Women in Black, after which the Seselj asked for her name. When the reporter replied, he told to the member of his party: “Write there, Jelena Dikovic, so that we can turn her into blue.”

The vehicle of Serbeze Haxhiaj, journalist of Radio Kosovo was damaged two times in a short period of time. The vehicle was sprayed on two sides, first time on March 7th, followed on March 29th.

On the occasion of the production of the film “Kosovo nazdravlje!” in Belgrade, IJAV received a number of threats through social networks.

Photo-reporter Blerim Uka was attacked in the northern part of Mitrovica by unknown group of people while he was working there. Uka was hit with sticks and received light injuries. His equipment are destroyed. The attack came as a result of a tension in the northen Mitrovica which rose after Kosovo police arrested Marko Djuric, an official from Serbian government. The Djuric’s arrest happened because the latter did not had a permission from Pristina to enter Kosovo.

Zdravko Gojković was arrested on March 22, 2018 after he threatened in “Vijesti” newsroom to a journalist, Jelena Jovanović.  According to journalist’s statement, her colleagues informed her that during the morning Gojković called, expressing his disapproval of the article in which he was mentioned as one of the persons who were interrogated by the police for the attack on Nemanja Prelević. He demanded from an author of the article to call him.

After that, he came to the newsroom about 12 PM and immediately addressed her with a raised tone, saying: “It’s not true that I have a conflict over a debt, Nemanja Prelević is a psychiatric case.” After the journalist told him that she cannot remove the article from the portal, but that he had the right to react or deny claims in the articles, he pushed newspapers off the table and said “I act differently, I know how to deal with you”, telling her to watch her herself out.

The prosecution suspects him of a criminal offense of endangering security, for which a fine or imprisonment of up to one year has been prescribed.