For years, Sanela Kapetanović leads the battle to end with the assignment of editorial positions and improvements to personal affinities, sympathy and political closeness.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH invited the journalist Avdo Avdic to the hearing as a witness to reveal his source for the text “Consul Ivan Bandic coordinated by action: Croatian intelligence agents seized Salafi to convey weapons in Mesdžida in BiH”

A Facebook page “Srbija NASA zemlja” published a post saying “Nedim Sejdinovic, you are unbearably provoking common people so don’t be surprised if someone rapps you on the knuckles. We don’t approve that but won’t protest either. Such a swindler and rogue hasn’t been seen recently even on the (George) Soros’ pay list. Nedim is NDNV President, Muslim extremist and Serb hater.” After that, dozens of comments with insults and threats were addressed to Nedim Sejdinovic.

A columnist of the Belgrade independent Danas daily Bozidar Andrejic received a threat from a Twitter user “Rade Mjesalica” saying he would beat up Andrejic, adding many swearwords and insults. The threats came after the daily published Andrejic’s column “Prince Marko on Internet” (Kraljevic Marko na netu) in its weekly edition.

After releasing in the media that she will allegedly be chosen to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ambassador to the Czech Republic, threats have been sent to the Martina Mlinarević as well as members of her family.

At the referendum for the re-election of the mayor of Teslić, there were disagreements between the SNSD and SDS supporters. In the fight, it has broken BN television camera. Meanwhile, the new-old mayor of Teslic Milan Milicevic forbade ATV journalists to enter the municipal administration building and threatened to no longer make statements for their house because he was not satisfied with their reporting.

The director and management of TVSA  did censorship, mobbing and a series of incidents.

On the number of the Euroblic redaction, an unknown person threatened to the journalist Milkica Milojevic  “that he would kill her all”.

Death threats are sent to the journalist Marko Radoja through the letter addressed in Chicago, from person with pseudonym “vojvoda Triva”.