After campaigning against the NIN weekly because of the cover photo   of Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic at arms fair with a sniper barrel pointing at him , in which high regime officials recognized a call for Vucic’s murder, the campaign continued with accusations against the Danas newspaper. The reason was Koraks’s caricature, which appeared on the front page of that newspaper, in which, alluding to the cover of NIN,  Vucic was ironically presented as the alleged target of the alleged assassination.

Vucic reacted by writing on Twitter in addition to the caricature: “You only do your job”, while Minister Aleksandar Vulin interpreted the caricature as “a call for the assassination of the President of Serbia” and blamed the opposition party “Alliance for Serbia”.

Adi Bebanic, a N1 television reporter, was physically assaulted on September 8, 2019, during a coverage of a rally in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Ciglane, before the beginning of Pride Parade.

The Free Media Help Line has asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo about the incident. We received a response that a police officer had received a report of an attack on Adi Bebanic via a field officer.

Subsequently, N1 Television filed a criminal complaint against the NN offender. The Free Media Help Line submitted a request for information on the case to the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office. According to the latest information, the attacker on Bebanic has not yet been identified.

Editor-in-chief of portal Adis Mujdanovic was physically assaulted by an unknown person and gained minor injuries in the attack.

The attack happened at about 12.30pm when a unidentified man attacked Mujdanovic on the street and hit him with his shoulder. Mujdanovic fell to the ground from the impact, suffering minor injuries in the form of a scratch on his left leg and minor pain in his left leg and arm.

The Free Media Help Line (FHML) has sent a letter to the Brcko District Police regarding the attack.
The Brcko District Police informed the FHML that they had identified the attacker under the initials A.R. (1990) from Brcko, and had referred the case to the Brcko Basic Court for further action.

On November, 6th Ajdin Kamber, freelancer and Deutsche Welle correspondent tried to gain access to Una-Sana Canton Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic at the Government building. Kamber wanted to arrange an interview about the migrant crisis in USK with Ruznic directly, since he had not received e-mail response days earlier. A plain clothes police officer requested identification documents from Kamber disputing his journalistic accreditation and eventually informed him that the PM Ruznic “had no time for an interview.” The journalist has duly showed his ID and accreditation as requested.
After ten minutes of persuasion and an attempt to force Kamber out of the Government building, the Prime Minister Ruznic personally took the journalist out, without explanation regarding his refusal for interview.

After reporting about events in a local elementary school, on November 5th, journalist Jelena Stojkovic received horrific threats from a woman claiming to be the mother of a child involved in the incident. “She called me more than twenty times” – Stojkovic told the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia – “When I answered she threatened to kill me, saying that she’ll get me when I take my child to the kindergarten, that I don’t know who am I dealing with, followed by horrific swearing”.


Mejreme Gashi is attacked physically by a person in Karaçeva – Kamenica, while she was conducting a story regarding the activities of some casinos in the mentioned place on November 7, 2019.

After interviewing some citizens, the journalist tried to shot one of the many casinos of the village, but the team of Klan Kosova was resisted by people who here around there.

The Klan Kosova team was conducting a story regarding the operation of several casinos in the mentioned place when people who work in the casino were obstructed by the presence of media, so they verbally attacked the journalists then physically assaulted them. Firstly they sallied and attacked verbally with rude words while swearing and offending me and Rilind with bad words. Then, one of them did hit me in the head by hand. It wasn’t enough, he continued to sally verbally on the Klan Kosova team while other people jointed him and ordered us: “Go go…”, “Don’t record our cars. They were people who were in the casino…” she declared to her medium.

The case is denounced to police and the State Prosecutor is informed.  However in the case was involved another journalist, Rilind Matoshi, who was part of the Klan Kosova team.

Casinos have been banned by law in Kosovo since March 2019.


A member family of Imam Sead Bejta from Zhabar — Mitrovica, has threated the team of Klan Kosova Television, while it was recording a story where the imam and a woman S. B. were protagonists.

“If you will publish only a single sequence of this case, one of us you or I will be underground…,” he said on Klan Kosovo team.

It is a threatening life and most dangerous case in Kosovo until now since January 2019. The journalist the member of the team informed AJK that, she did not inform officially the police only to avoid any worst danger and to not allow the tension to increase.


On October 27, 2019, Arsim Rexhepi the owner of a construction company has physically attacked Norë Kelmendi, who is the journalist of the Online Economy.

Kelmendi was realizing a story about an incident in Prishtina, in which case as a result of landslide some cars are damaged. While she was doing her jobs, Mr. Rexhepi impeded her. He has grabbed her by arm and moved forcefully from the workplace. The team of the Online Economy possessed the permit to shoot by the Job Inspectorate.

Kosovo Police intervened and interviewed both Arsim Rexhepi and Norë Kelemdni regarding the incident.

On a Facebook post, Hysen Durmishi a High Officer of Vetevendosjes Movement, seeks to arrest the Director of Klan Kosova – Baton Haxhiu and Chief Editor of online media INSAJDERI – Vehbi Kajtazi. He has accused them of their involvement in the death of Astrit Dehari.

“Astrit is killed. The killers and people who gave the order must be punished. The prosecutor must gingerly today to issue the arrest warrant on Sylë Hoxha, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Dhurata Hoxha, Baton Haxhiu, Vehbi Kajtazi, and many others in order to discover the truth. We will never stop until Astrit’s truth.”

Astrit Dehari was an activist of Vetevendosje Movement, who died on November 5, 2016, in the prison of Prizren City. On Thursday, October 24, 2019, his family received the report of The Health Institute of Lausanne – Switzerland, which concluded that the involving of a third person in his death should not be sending off.