After 25 years of Serbia’s journalist’s death investigation still at beginning

Photo: N1

BELGRADE, 08.04.2019. – Family and friends of Dada Vujasinovic, a journalist who died 25 years ago marked the anniversary still not knowing anything about what had happened in her flat on the night of April 9, 1999, N1 reported on Monday.

No suspect was named, and an investigation had not moved from the beginning.

Vujasinovic was found dead in her apartment, and the initial finding said she committed suicide by firing into her chest from a hunting rifle.

The family did not believe the official conclusion but launched their investigation. Their expert said another blood type was found at the crime scene. The prosecutor’s office rejected his report in December 1994.

In 2008, another expert established that two marks were found inside Vujasinovic’s body what would have meant she fired twice at her chest what was declared impossible.

Next year, the Belgrade District Prosecution Office qualified the case as a murder.

A Dutch Institute said that only one mark was found in Vujasinovic’s body.

The experts’ analysis were done without the evidence from the case, said to have been destroyed during the NATO bombing in 1999.

However, due to the persistence of the Commission for Investigation of Journalists’ murders, the documents were found in a draw of a late policeman. But no progress in the investigation has been made so far.

Two journalists’ association in Serbia said the case was still in a pre-investigative procedure and that the probe had not yet determined whether it was a murder, suicide or an accident.

N1 Belgrade, Belgrade, 08/04/2019