AGK condemns the physical assault on journalist Mejreme Gashi

Klan Kosova TV


Pristina, 07. 11. 2019 – AJK is concerned with the physical assault on Klan Kosovo journalist Mejreme Gashi in Karaçeva village of Kamenica by some people inside a casino.

The Klan Kosova team was conducting a story regarding the operation of several casinos in the mentioned place when people who work in the casino were obstructed by the presence of media, so they verbally attacked the journalists then physically assaulted them. Firstly they sallied and attacked verbally with rude words while swearing and offending me and Rilind with bad words. Then, one of them did hit me in the head by hand. It wasn’t enough, he continued to sally verbally on the Klan Kosova team while other people jointed him and ordered us: “Go go…”, “Don’t record our cars. They were people who were in the casino…” she declared to her medium.

This is the second time this week when the same team has been prevented from doing the job, besides the one in Zabar, Mitrovica, to which the AJK reacted.

The AJK once again invites law enforcing agencies with particular emphasis on the police and prosecution to treat the case with priority and bring the perpetrators in the court. Attacks on journalists have recently taken on worrisome proportions, which make journalism one of the hardest jobs to do in Kosovo.  For these and other reasons, law-enforcing institutions must act promptly to allow journalists to work without disturbance.

At the same time, the AJK encourages journalists not to give up and to work diligently to inform the public.

Klan Kosova TV, Mitrovica, 05/11/2019