AJK participated in public debate on public communication regulation of PM’s office

Photo by AJK

PRISTINA 01.11.2018 – The Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) participated on Thursday in a public discussion about the draft regulation on public communications services with the public, organized by the Office of Public Communication of the Office of Prime Minister.

The AJK’s president, Gentiana Begolli-Pustina presented the comments and views of the Association on this draft-regulation, in particular with the appointment of the spokespersons of the ministries and of municipalities, in which the draft regulation foresees that one of the political advisors of the minister or the mayor to be appointed as spokesperson of the respective ministry or municipality.

Begolli-Pustina emphasized that transferring competencies to political individuals to communicate with the public on behalf of an institution could politicize and centralize the delivery of information.

“If public communication is left to the political will of a ministry or political advisor there is a great risk that the ministry fully represents the political interests and interests of the political party of the minister, which automatically puts into question the truthfulness of the information, how much public information is presented, or they represent only the interest of a particular minister,” said Begolli – Pustina.

Also, AJK discussed about the number of accreditations provided to journalists should not be determined by the Public Communication Office of PM’s office but the number of accreditations is done in cooperation and in accordance with the needs of the media.

“There are media in which over 100 journalists, cameramen and photographers are employed, on the other hand there are media where the total number of employees, including administrative staff, does not reach 20”, Begolli – Pustina added.

The AJK’s comments presented during the public discussion on this draft-regulation will be submitted in writing to the PM’s office.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo, Pristina, 02/11/2018