AJK condemns the language of Sami Kurteshi towards Mentor Shala and Ridvan Berisha


AJK condemns the language of MP Sami Kurteshi, a Former Ombudsman of Kosovo for his public labeling on Former Director of Kosovo Radiotelevision – Mentor Shala and its Editor in Chief RidvanBerisha. Below the text find out our reaction:

PRISTINA, 31.08.3019 – The public label that has been done by Sami Kurteshi towards Former Director of Kosovo Radio and Television – Mentor Shala and the editor in chief – RidvanBerisha, for the AJK is unacceptable.

Through a post on Facebook, while commenting about the death of AstritDehari in prison, Kurteshi noted that; “All these politico-police criminal actions have been shadowed by an extreme “Goebbels” media propaganda led by Mentor Shala and RidvanBerisha, director and editor in chief of RTK, and faithfully followed by some other electronic, print and audio-visual media.”

Sami Kurteshi does not stop his public label only against Shala and Berisha, but it also continues towards a part of the electronic and print media.

Not only concern with this kind of public labeling towards the journalists, but AJK considers it becoming even more unacceptable when it comes from people like Sami Kurteshi, who was the Ombudsman and knows the importance and role of journalists.

AJK invites Sami Kurteshi to withdraw his post, to distance himself from this labeling and to publicly apologize.

AJK, Prishtina, 31/08/2019