AJK condemns the threat on the Klan Kosovo’s team by a familiar of Imam Sead Bejta

Klan Kosova TV


Prishtina; 03.11.2019 — The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is deeply concerned regarding the threat on Klan Kosova Television team did by a familiar of Sead Bejta, who is the imam of Zhabar from Mitrovica.

“If you will publish only a single sequence of this case, one of us you or I will be underground…,” is the threat on Klan Kosova team did while it was doing a story, where Imam Sead Bejta and a woman S.B. are protagonists.

Threatening the life of two media workers is a wicked and unacceptable act that infringes on media freedom.

AJK invites the rule of law institutions, specifically Kosovo Police and State Prosecutor to take the necessary measures immediately towards the person who did threat them according to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kosovo.

AJK permanently emphases the necessary of reaction on time by the state institutions in case of journalists’ threats, in order to create a free environment to work without threat fear!

The Association of Journalist of Kosovo, Mitrovica, 03/11/2019