Journalist: Existence of profession in Serbia in jeopardy

Photo: Media Center

BELGRADE, 28.05.2018. – A member of the Independent Union of Serbia’s Journalists’ Executive Board (NUNS) said on Monday that not only the financial situation position of the media people was in jeopardy but also the profession itself.

 Slobodan Arezina, told Danas daily that the abuse of journalism was at a higher level and that “today we witness that the media are becoming an active participant in the political arena.”

“Nevertheless, the journalists must fight,” regardless of the fact, Arezina said, that the media scene in Serbia looked hopeless.

“No one should give up. That goes for both journalists and their associations. We have to defend the profession equally because of ourselves and for the public,” Arezina told the daily.

Danas/N1, Belgrade, 28/05/2018