Montenegrin police is waiting for instructions from the FBI in the Lakic case


PODGORICA 09.08.2018. – Montenegrin police is still working intensively to clarify the attempted murder of journalist Vijesti Olivera Lakic, although three months have elapsed since the attack.

Enes Bakovic, Assistant Director of the Montenegrin Police Directorate, announced yesterday that the police filed all the investigation files in the case of murder attempt of the journalist of “Vijesti” Olivera Lakic and submitted it to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He said that the Police have not yet received a response from FBI with instructions for further treatment.

Olivera Lakic was attacked on May 8 around 9 pm in Podgorica, when an unknown man shot her in front of the building in which she lives. Lakic was wounded in the leg and after two days of hospital stay she was released for home treatment. She was previously a target of attacks and threats because of her articles dealing with cigarette smuggling in Montenegro.
The attack on Lakic is already the fourth case of attacks and threats to journalists in Montenegro in 2018 and the eleventh from the beginning of 2017. The majority of the most serious cases of attacks on journalists still remain unsolved. No one at the Police or the Prosecution was ever held responsible for this., Podgorica, 09/08/2018