NUNS calls on Serbia’s institutions to prevent anti-N1 hate campaign

Photo: N1

BELGRADE, 08.11.2019. – The Independent Association of Serbia’s Journalists (NUNS) condemned on Thursday the latest attempt of intimidation of N1 TV and demanded from the country’s police and prosecutors to finally find out who ordered the frequent public expressions of hatred of that media, the Beta news agency reported.

NUNS added that the top state officials had failed to not only condemn but to stop the repeated intimidation of N1’s and a few other independent media’s journalists.

It added that “on the contrary, using discriminatory and offensive statements and speculations, the highest officials and pro-regime tabloids directly create a hostile environment for critical, unbiased and objective journalism.”

“It is beyond comprehension that the police cannot identify the people who distribute leaflets with threatening messages to N1once a month. If that hate campaign continues it will boost the impression that the intimidation and disqualification of objective and unbiased media which inform people in Serbia about the most relevant topic, suits the current regime,” NUNS said in a statement.

NUNS remained the public that on Wednesday night, while N1 was airing the interview with the most likely Kosovo’s new Prime Minister Albin Kurti, unknown perpetrators again threw leaflets across the fence of the building housing N1 with photos of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and N1 Programme Director Jugoslav Cosic with a message reading “there is some link.”

Less than a month ago, a couple of masked men threw leaflets reading “The Republic of Serbia – Goodbye, N1 – Welcome to Luxembourg.

A few days before that, close to the N1 house entrance, an improvised rump was posted with “You’re leaving the Republic of Serbia, Welcome to Luxembourg.”

All those examples lead to a logical conclusion that it is an organised act aiming at intimidating and frightening the journalists and editors to adjust N1 TV editorial policy to the needs and wishes of President Aleksandar Vucic’ regime, NUNS’ statement says.

N1 Belgrade/Beta, Belgrade, 08/11/2019