Podgorica’s High court confirmed the state’s omissions in the case of Tufik Softic


PODGORICA 09.07.2018. – The High Court in Podgorica confirmed the Basic Court’s ruling that the state was responsible for an ineffective investigation in the case of an attack on journalist Tufik Softic, but increased the amount of compensation from 7,000 to 12,000 euros, the Podgorica daily Vijesti reported.

Softic was brutally beaten in front of his house in Berane in 2007 after articles about local drug dealers published in the daily Republic. This case, which is being conducted as an attempt of murder, has never been resolved.
Constitutional Court had previously accepted the appeal of Softic on the same basis, awarding him also compensation in the same amount.
This is the first case of an assault on journalists with ruling that the state was conducting an ineffective investigation.

The trial for compensation for non-pecuniary damage for human rights violation began in February since over a period of nearly 10 years the relevant investigative authorities failed to undertake all necessary and available measures to identify persons who tried to kill Softic in front of a family house in Berane on September 1, 2007. Softić requested compensation of 100,000€.

The court expert had previously concluded that the journalist was a mentally healthy person and therefore, it was reasonable that he felt fear of situations that actually threatened his life.

Softić was attacked again in 2013 when in the yard of his family home an explosive device was activated and caused minor material damage. The investigation did not lead to discovery of the attack perpetrators.

SMCG, Podgorica, 09/07/2018