Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Tatjana Vojtehovski, Belgrade, 25.12.2018.

As Serbia faces citizens’ street protests against the current government, Tatjana Vojtehovski, journalist and an author of TV programmes, publicly commented the events. Her public reactions caused a new wave of threats via social media, including hideous threats against her life and the life and wellbeing of her daughter.

Contry SR
Name and Surname Tatjana Vojtehovski
Gender Female
Date 25/12/2018
City / Location Beograd, Srbija
Type of incident Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists
Type of media Radio and television
Media name Tv Prva
Source Independent Journalists Association of Serbia
Legal closure Perpatrator is convicted
Perpatrator is convicted.Description: First instance court convicted perpetrator on the suspended sentence. The court convicted him on 8 mounts imprisonment on parole and concurrently determines that it shall not be enforced provided the convicted person does not commit a new offense during a period of 3 years.
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
What was journalists' association reaction IJAS publicly reacted and demanded that the police and prosecutor's office to urgently react and take measures to determine the identity of the perpetrator and punish him in accordance with the law. IJAS informed the contact point in the prosecutor's office about the case.
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office