Verbal threats, Nedim Sejdimovic, Novi Sad, 08.02.2019.

Nedim Sejdinovic, president of the Independent Journalists Association of Vojvodina (NDNV), received numerous threats and insults through the Facebook page of “Serbija Naša Zemlja”, after publishing a post in which Sejdinovic is targeted as “Vojvodina separatist” and “Islamic fanatic” who “despises Serbia and Serbs “, as dozens of comments in which Sejdinovic was sentenced with numerous threats and insults.

Contry SR
Name and Surname Nedim Sejdinovic
Gender Male
Date 08/02/2019
City / Location Novi Sad, Srbija
Type of incident Other threats to journalists
Media name Independent Journalists Association of Vojvodina
Source Independent Journalists Association of Vojvodina
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
What was journalists' association reaction IJAS and IJAV strongly condemned threats against Nedim Sejdinovic and called the democratic public in Serbia, as well as representatives of the European Union and the international community to urgently pressure the authorities in Serbia to stop such attacks and to take prompt and adequate punishments.
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office