SMCG launched a campaign on the occasion of May 3rd

PODGORICA, 26.04.2019. – On the occasion of May 3, the World Press Freedom Day, the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro started a campaign in which, speaking on union issues, we will point out the biggest problems in the media community, which directly depends on the freedom of the media.

We consider that decent working conditions are a precondition for the existence of media freedom and that we can not talk about this topic without the mention of wages, collective agreements, the safety of media workers, the freedom of trade union association…

That is why we will point out every day a problem that concerns the conditions in which employees of the Montenegrin media are working, through a campaign that will last until the World Press Freedom Day. Our goal is to draw attention of decision makers, media owners and managers and to say that they are responsible for the situation in which the media are today. We want to draw the attention of the public to the problems we are facing, and our members and all media employees to recall that what links us all together are the same problems and that we must fight together to improve the situation.

The campaign will take place on social network.


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