Sophisticated pressure on Serbian media, editor says

Photo: N1

BELGRADE, 04.05.2018. – Sophisticated pressure has made the media situation in Serbia worse then ever, Beta News Agency Editor in Chief Dragan Janjic told N1 on Thursday.

“We can’t talk of freedom of the press if there are no critical tones and critical investigating in the mainstream media,” he said speaking on World Press Freedom Day. Freedom of the media is not measured by whether journalists are killed or not, he said.

“We have a sitaution in which a large number of media are under various types of pressure – economic through influence on advertisers, there are no critical tones which are necessary for the progress of every society and those are the true parameters of real freedom of the media in a society,” he said.

Janjic said a lot of effort is being invested to step up pressure on the media, adding that everyone has an employer whose views have to be considered.

“You can’t have brilliant media in a society which is not brilliant,” he said.

N1 Belgrade, Belgrade, 04/05/2018