The attack took place in Zagreb on Saturday, September 5th. just before the end of the so-called Freedom Festival, when Sangulin was approached by a man who asked him who he worked for, and after the cameraman answered, he began to insult him rudely. Then he was joined by a janitor who wore a T-shirt with the inscription “Freedom Festival”. On the recording published by, volleys of insults can be heard against the entire Index editorial office, and the attack culminated when the cameraman had his mask torn off his face and his mobile phone removed from his hand. Further escalation, according to Index, was prevented by a plainclothes police officer.

Radiotelevision of Kosovo (RTK), has been threatened by some unknown persons.

The case was confirmed to the media by the spokesman of Kosovo Police, Daut Hoxha, in which case he stated that the necessary actions have been taken regarding the case. 

“Immediately the competent police units have taken the necessary professional actions to handle such information and are working to clarify all the circumstances and facts related to this report”, said Hoxha. 

AJK has publicly reacted through a press release. Such threats for AJK are completely unacceptable, so we call on the competent authorities to deal with this case as soon as possible so that the intimidators are brought to justice. 

Threats and hate speech have serious consequences in the climate of journalism in Kosovo. Therefore, AJK estimates that only by condemning the intimidators will demonstrate that such behavior is not acceptable in a democratic society. 


Novi Pazar, August 18, 2020 – According to the information received from the director of Sandzak TV Salahudin Fetic, two men approached him and fellow journalist Asmir Bihorc as they entered a vehicle, where one of the attackers addressed Fetic with the words: “What do you write about me in the media?” after which Fetic stated that he did not know him and did not write anything about him. From the purse he was carrying around his neck, one of the attackers started to take out a gun to the extent that it was possible to spot it, physically leaning his body against the journalist  Bihorac, who in the meantime got out of the car and was threatened to get back into the vehicle.

The journalists returned to the vehicle and immediately went to the police station, where they gave statements about the received threats. According to the journalists, the members of the Ministry of the Interior acted very quickly, managed to establish the identity of the attacker, and took further actions to collect data.


Belgrade, August 16, 2020 – Journalist Zaklina Tatalović was verbally threatened with rape after a comment was published on the social network Twitter, which was repeated by the threatening person in the next tweet. The journalist commented on the negative comment on the writing of the editor of TV N1, Jugoslav Cosic, about the attack on her colleague Branislav Sovljanski. The same person who verbally threatened Zaklina Tatalovic first threatened the journalist Cosic in a tweet.

In response to the journalist’s comment, the person first announced what he would do, and then in the next tweet, he threatened to rape the journalist.

The journalist forwarded the tweet to the official addresses of the Minister of the Interior and the Ministry of the Interior.


BELGRADE, August 14, 2020 – The editor of TV N1, Branislav Sovljanski’s,  tire was pierced in five places on his private car. The journalist found the vehicle with a damaged tire on August 14 in the morning in Palmira Toljatija Street near the building where he lives in Belgrade. The case was immediately reported to the police, and the journalist emphasized in the report that he suspected that it was done because of the journalistic work he was doing. The police reacted very quickly, conducted an investigation and collected the necessary data for further action.

According to the journalists, on Monday, August 17, the lawyers of N1 television also filed a criminal complaint against unidentified persons for attacking the property of  the journalist.


Veliki Trnovac, August 13, 2020 – On Thursday, August 13, at around 2 pm, two people broke into the family house of journalist Jeton Ismaili, who was absent at the time and threatened his wife, who was there with their daughter, with death and disgusting insults and messages about what awaits Jeton and their family, after which they walked away from the yard of the house.

According to the journalists, the threats were made because of the text that was published on the Folonline portal a few days before this event. The published text on his portal Folonline, Ismaili says,  has nothing to do with the attackers, and he also notes that his family is in shock and fear of escalation and more severe attacks.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reacted very quickly after receiving the report and took statements from the Ismaili family. Somewhat later, the journalist went to the police station in Bujanovac and asked the authorities for protection, given the severity of the threats, the Ismaili family’s fear of further attacks and that the identity of the attackers is known and that they live in the same village as the Ismaili family.


The team of Radio Television of Kosovo were prevented by a group of people with the same uniform with the Serbian logo.

The team consisting of cameraman Mumin Jashari and two other members, Zymer Leci and Arben Jashari, although they had permission from KFOR to film in Zubin Potok, yesterday on 13th August, they were illegally prevented to film by these members, and then they were escorted to the police station.

AJK estimates that such actions against journalists and media professionals on duty put pressure on them. Detention and other forms of intimidation have recently increased and this threatens the safety of journalists, their independent reporting, and the general freedom of the media in Kosovo.

AJK has asked the relevant authorities to identify these persons who prevented the RTK team from filming in Zubin Potok and to take adequate measures about the case.

Novi Pazar, August 12, 2020 – Sandzak TV director Salahudin Fetic was attacked in a restaurant in Novi Pazar. According to the journalists, completely unexpectedly, by a local businessman, who he knows and with whom he has been so far, on good terms.

The attack was preceded by a verbal argument and then a sudden blow with an open fist to the face, but also an attempt to engage in a bigger confrontation, which was, however, prevented by Fetic’s friend who was sitting at the table with him at the time. Fortunately, there were no serious physical injuries, but the journalist suffered a shock.
Fetic went immediately to the police after the attack and reported the case,  he says that they were very correct and that they acted very soon after the report.

On August 12, the police arrested the suspect due to reasonable doubt that a criminal act of violent behavior was committed. On the order of the competent public prosecutor in Novi Pazar, the police filed a criminal complaint against the suspect.


During July 2020, a Facebook profile named “Marjan Kamilovski” posted a photograph of a person holding a firearm, with a threatening text with vulgar vocabulary, saying that the public critique towards one of the newly elected MPs will not be tolerated. Another profile motivated by this shared publication, named “Sekula Vojvoda fan club”, aggressively and insultingly addressed the journalists, calling them “severjani” and “ballistic dogs”, after which other users continue to send threats and hate speech.