“Pobjeda” journalist Đurđica Ćorić filed a report on June 27, 2020. at the Budva Security Center because she was rudely kicked out of the Budva Municipality building by members of the security.

The police identified the security guard and the prosecutor from Kotor was informed about the report, who stated that there were no elements of a criminal offense in the event.

“Nova Pobjeda” journalist Ivana Komnenić 11.02.2020 reported to the Kotor Security Department that she had received several offensive messages via her Facebook profile.

In the supplement to the report, Komnenić stated that she noticed an unidentified male face with a hood in her vicinity several times, which caused her to feel insecure.

The police identified the person of Ivan Topović and filed a criminal complaint due to a well-founded suspicion that he had committed the criminal offenses of Article 168a of the CCCG, persecution to the detriment of a journalist.

The journalist of the Radio Television of Montenegro, Zoran Leković, submitted a report to the Police Administration of Montenegro for endangering security, insults and exposing to public lynch via social networks.

As he said, this is just a continuation of the campaign started by the Public Service, which broadcast compromising content for journalists in News. This was preceded by Lekovic’s public criticism of the Public Service.

On his Facebook page, Lekovic announced that he had filed a criminal complaint against the Instagram group “niksic.zivi” and V.M., because they “exposed him to a public lynching and brutally attacked his professional and personal integrity and tried to endanger his personal and family security “. As he explained, they took content from his private profile, which they posted again with insults and threats.

Since the media published this, the secretary of the Ministry of Health, Nikola Antović, commented on that newspaper article on one portal. His comment was of a very offensive nature, which is why Lekovic also wrote to the Ministry of Health, which distanced itself from Antovic’s statement.

The team of Klan Kosova were prevented from broadcasting the basketball match between Vllaznimi – Trepça, in the “Shani Nushi” hall in Gjakova. The team was prevented from performing their duties by the hall manager and a security guard.

The obstruction happened on 11th  of November around 17:00 o’clock, when the team had asked for assistance from the manager to put the equipment in the hall and to prepare to broadcast the match.

According to the Director of the Sports Program in Klan Kosova, Agon Fehmiu, the entry of the team in the hall were denied from its manager and it was followed by insults, threats and physical attacks.

The obstruction for AJK, is totally unacceptable. AJK calls on the competent authorities to take measures towards the behavior of manager of this hall.

The physical and verbal attack by the head of the Public Relations Department of the City of Bijeljina, Predrag Lopandić, on BN TV journalist Ljiljana Faladžić-Jekić took place during the session of the Crisis Staff for Emergency Situations of the City of Bijeljina. Lopandić did not allow the journalist to attend the session and, with swearing and pushing, drove her out of the hall, although the head of the Crisis Staff confirmed a few days earlier that the sessions were open to the public.

The car of the well-known Kosovar journalist Shkumbin Kajtazi was the target of several firearms last night in the city of Mitrovica.

Kajtazi announced this through a post on Facebook, where he stated that he reported the case to the police and according to him, the attack is related to his work and has no other motives.

“Last night I faced a dangerous attack: my car was shot with 5 or 6 bullets. The event happened around midnight, where the car was parked in the center of Mitrovica “, wrote he among others.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo, through a press release has strongly condemned the attack with firearms in the direction of the journalist’s car, Shkumbin Kajtazi. For AJK, the firearm attack on the car of journalist Kajtazi is extremely concerning and they don’t only harm the environment journalists work in, but threaten the lives of each journalist.

AJK calls on the competent authorities to deal with this case as soon as possible so that the intimidators are brought to justice.

On October 14, while preparing for a live broadcast in Zagreb, TV N1 journalist Matea Dominikovic, cameraman Ivan Teskera and Professor Alemka Markotic, Director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, were verbally attacked for not wearing protective masks. While the conditions of filming were in compliance with the existing health measures introduced by the Croatian government, the couple – described by Dominkovic as “visibly drunk” –  shouted threats and severe insults. At one point they instructed their Doberman dog to “sit and wait for the attack”. The unknown couple left after Ivan Teskera tried to calm the situation and Prof Markotic said she would call the police.

The journalists of the Gazeta Express were threatened with their life on Saturday evening by Naser Gashi, known on the public as Naser Qeli.

According to the Gazeta Express, Gashi broke the door of the editorial office on Saturday evening and threatened the journalists because of an article about his ex-wife that was published by the portal.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo, through a press release has strongly condemned the threat of the journalists of Gazeta Express. For AJK, forcibly entering the newsroom and threatening to kill journalists are unprecedented actions that must be taken very seriously and receive the punishment they deserve.

On Monday, October 5, 2020, in the afternoon, an incident occured in a restaurant in Zagreb. Former parliament representative, Zeljko Glasnovic, verbally attacked journalist Drago Pilsel. Pilsel says that Glasnovic approached his table, but that the journalist recognized him after he put on his glasses. Glasnovic waved with arms and Pilsel thought he would hit him, got scared and backed away. Pilsel says Glasnovic insulted, cursed him and say he was “the same as those who killed half a million Croats”. The waiter of the restaurant approached the table and asked Glasnovic to go to his table. When he finished insulting, Glasnovic went to his table and then left the restaurant. Pilsel posted the following on Facebook after the conflict: “I was just attacked, in a public place, by General Zeljko Glasnovic. I am waiting for the police to arrive.” Pilsel doesn’t know what provoked Glasnovic to this attack.