On 15.05.2020. Radio “Dux”, recieved a offensive content e-mail with elements of national and religious hatred was sent.

Radio officials reported the case to the Police Directorate, which identified the person who sent the message.

The defendant was brought to the prosecutor, who stated that case does not have the elements of a criminal offense, so the defendant was taken to the Misdemeanor Court for insults on national and religious grounds. He can be fined 250 to 1,500 euros or up to 60 days in prison for the offense.

The radio editorial office welcomed the police action.

Journalists Ivan Ivanović and Slobodan Georgiev received threats via the social network Twitter. In the threat to Ivanović, the person stated, “We will butcher your wife and daughter.” Long live the SNS “, while the BIRN journalist was told that he would pass as (killed Slavko) Ćuruvija.

Serbian Security Information Agency (BIA) stated “With the quick reaction of the members of the Security-Information Agency and the Ministry of the Interior, the person was arrested and, in consultation with the duty prosecutor, he will be detained for 48 hours, after which he will be brought before a competent judge.”

There is a reliable suspition that this is a person who hid behind the profile “Military Intelligence Officer” @VojniO since she made disgusting threats.

Amid protest that turned violent Vecernje Novosti correspondent Velisa Kadic was arrested and his eyes were pepper sprayed while reporting from Niksic. He was released after three hours, but the material he had filmed was deleted by the police.

On May, 13 Kadic was reporting from protests in Niksic. As he was trying to film two policemen dealing with a protestor, he was approached by a fully equipped policeman who asked “Who are you? Who gave you a right to film?”

– I was about to show my press card, but they got hold of me. I told them I am a journalist, but they asked for my mobile phone and requested that I delete the footage. After I said that I couldn’t do that because they are holding me, the policeman pepper sprayed my eyes. I still can’t open one – said Velisa Kadic for Vijesti and added that the police took his phone and deleted all footage. Although present colleagues had confirmed he is a journalist, Kadic was arrested. His release came three hours later, after local journalists requested clarification of reasons for his detention and that he is questioned urgently. Kadic stated that the policemen didn’t use force against him. Later the police told that there had been a misunderstanding and provided medical care for his face.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo with concern has reflected on the language used in a recent personal Facebook status of Deputy Minister of Defence and Member of ‘Vetëvendosje’, Mr Enver Dugolli.

On the 8th of May, Dugolli wrote this Facebook status on his personal profile.

“The exhausting and depressing screams of some ‘journalists’ to create a victim at all costs, in addition to being annoyed, are also offensive. It is incomprehensible when a media falls into such traps to create a ‘political victim’ at all costs, even by dedicating a live broadcast by the Police Station. There is an impression created then that a great crime may have happened. ‘Journalism’ and not a joke…”

AJK strongly condemned the language used by Mr Dugolli, and as usual also reacted publicly.

“It is first and foremost a basic right of journalists to report, and it is their sacred duty that this reporting takes place and not be hidden and manipulated as such. Journalists do not perform ‘screams’, they cover various events and developments during a working day. The case Mr Dugolli is referring to should not be left on a darkness media state, as claimed by Mr Dugolli” AJK stated in the reaction note.

A threat was sent to the journalist from an online profile of a certain Dejan Grozdic who adrdessed her insulting her and telling her that her “payday” is coming.

In the evening of May 11th the President of the Republic of Serbia announced that the suspect for that threat D.G was arrested.


Journalist Yllka Ahmetxhekaj was prevented from performing her profession by a member of the Kosovo Police.

The journalists, as she herself stated, was prevented while researching a quarantine case related to COVID-19. Along the way, she has been phone-called by a person who was introduced as a Police Officer of the Investigation Unit in Gjilan. The latter told the journalist that she had committed a criminal offense and that other calls will follow, where her job and research would be further discussed upon.

AJK has publicly reacted via a press release, urging state officials to refrain themselves from attacking media and journalists.

Following two separate interviews with the leaders of the political parties, Hristijan Mickoski and Zoran Zaev, conducted by the journalist Mishko Ivanov on TV24, he received a threatening message containing vulgar language and hate speech. Reacting quickly Ivanov published the information on his Facebook profile.

On May 2nd during the curfew, while reporting about gathering of a group of citizens (probably football fans) who intended to make a fire-show using torches (specific for football matches in Europe), journalist and editor of Juzne vesti Gordana Bjeletic who was on assignment and reported about  the event, along with photoreporter Vanja Keser, was attacked by a glass ( the glass was thrown at her) and next to them  a car  passed at a high speed.

The incident was preceded by a conversation between journalist and members of the group. On journalist’s question one of them from the group answered with “because I didn’t ask you” and told the journalist to “put that camera down”.


Nova S reporter Ana Lalic’c car was intentionally damaged (a tire on the car was damaged with metal piece). Car was parked in the yard of the house for about five days. In the morning of May 1st at 11 o’clock, journalist found her car with a damaged tire, and spotted a piece of metal in the tire. Later the same day the case was reported to the police, in which journalist Lalic also made a statement. The police conducted an investigation.