BELGRADE, July 11, 2020 – NIN journalist Vuk Cvijic’s mobile phone was confiscated by three men in the passage Bezistan within Nikola Pšić and Terazije Square in the center of Belgrade, after which photos of the protest were deleted by one of those persons. The phone was then returned to the journalist. The incident took place on the evening of July 11 as part of a protest in front of the National Assembly. According to what Cvijić stated for KRIK, first the citizens who came to the protest told him that suspicious persons were gathering in a basement in the Bezistan passage.

As the journalist stated, he reported it to the members of the Intervention Unit of the Police Brigade of the Ministry of the Interior, who opened the door to which the citizens pointed out, where their colleagues, also members of the Intervention Unit, came out from. After the members of the police left, Cvijić went down the stairs and entered the room where he found three men who told him that he could not record, took the phone and said that he had to go.

The case was not reported to the police, but the association informed the representatives of the police and the prosecutor’s office within the Standing Working Group for the Safety of Journalists.


BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – Beta agency photo reporter Milos Miskov was hit in the head by a brick that flew in from a group of demonstrators gathered near the entrance to the National Assembly building. The attack took place during a citizens’ protest on July 10 during the evening.

The journalist was given help and his wound was stitched in the Emergency Center, where he was examined on a scanner. Due to the severity of the injury, which was later additionally established, Miskov was kept in the hospital after the second examination.

During the evening when the attack took place, the journalist gave a statement to the police inspectors about the incident.


Od udarca kamenice novinarki je povređena ruka koja je nešto kasnije nakon pružanja pomoći ušivena u Urgentnom centru. Iste večeri novinarka je u prostoru Urgentnog centra dala i izjavu policijskim inspektorima.

BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – Beta agency journalist Svetlana Dojcinović was hit in the arm with a stone, which flew in from a group of demonstrators gathered near the entrance to the Assembly, and the person who threw the stone is still unknown. According to the available data, it is suspected that the stones were intentionally thrown at the journalists.

The journalist’s hand was injured by the hit of the rock, and it was stitched in the Emergency Center a little later after providing assistance. On the same evening, the journalist gave a statement to the police inspectors in the Emergency Center.

BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – Al Jazeera TV reporter Natalija Lucic and cameraman Tarek Ani were attacked during an evening in Belgrade while reporting on a protest in front of the Assembly.

Although they were physically attacked and hit by individuals, the reporters passed without injuries, but the attackers have broken the equipment with which they recorded the protests. Considering that the attack was recorded and that at first, it looked very rude and violent, fortunately, there were no injuries to the journalists.

BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – During the protest in front of the National Assembly  TV N1 reporter Petar Gajic, was first verbally insulted and obstructed while reporting by one person, and shortly afterwards the person approached and pushed him away, rudely snatching the microphone, which was then thrown to the ground. According to Gajic’s statement, “a group of demonstrators, four of them, started shouting, pushing the camera, forcing us off the stairs.” One hit our microphone, we didn’t get hit, me and the cameraman are fine, we didn’t suffer an attack except they knocked down our microphone. ”

The complete event was recorded live on N1 television footage. After the report and the quick reaction of the Ministry of the Interior by reviewing the video recordings and identifying the suspect, the person was detained. The identity of that person is still unknown.

BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – During the protests in front of the National Assembly, Kurir TV journalist Stefan Stankovic and cameramen Misa Batanjac and Predrag Zambrok were physically attacked and injured. The hooligans first attacked the reporters with metal bars, and then the cameraman Zambrok was hit by a stone. Stefan Stankovic was hit in the kidneys with a metal bar and Batanjac in the neck, and in the end Zambrok received a hit to his stomach with a rock. The cameraman Batanjac was the most seriously injured, and was given help on the spot by the medical team. Fortunately, minor bodily injuries were found.

Stefan Stankovic gave a statement to the police, and according to him, he will supplement it with details. The details of the attack were also reported to the representatives of the police and the prosecutor’s office within the Standing Working Group for the Safety of Journalists, while the representatives of the police have already announced that they have information about the statement given by journalist Stanković.


BELGRADE, July 9, 2020 – After the Insider journalist Irena Stević photographed a cordon of police members near the Presidency building during the July 9 protest, two men in civilian clothes ran from behind to her and stole the phone from her hands. The journalist first introduced herself and identified herself as a journalist, and immediately afterward she reacted by demanding that they return the phone to her and identify themselves, that is, that the men say who they are. Two men refused to identify themselves and one of them said he was a member of the BIA (Security Information Agency). While running to her, one of the men snatched the phone from her hand in a very rude way. They tried to review the photos and then returned her phone insisting that she delete the photos. As soon as the phone was returned, the journalist turned on the camera and informed them that she will record the conversation, the men turned and left, cursing and uttering abusive words. On Thursday, July 16, journalist Irena Stevic filed a criminal complaint with the competent prosecutor’s office for the actions of two men.


BELGRADE, July 9, 2020 – Photo reporter of TV Nova S Uros Arsic was hit by a rock while trying to record a part of the protest in Pionirski Park. Arsic was hit by a rock that was sent to a group of journalists who were trying to take photos and recordings of the confrontation between two groups of demonstrators. Uroš Arsic’s nose was broken in three places after he was hit in the face with a stone, after which he was transported to the Emergency Center for help. The journalist was found to have a serious bodily injury and had to undergo surgery three days after the attack.

According to the journalists, several rocks flew towards the journalists intentionally from the people from the group. Before the rain of rocks that flew towards the journalists, several verbal threats and insults were made against the journalists who were trying to record the incident. Arsic gave a statement to the competent police officers after repairing the injury, and according to the words of the representative of the Ministry of the Interior in the Permanent Working Group for Security, all circumstances are being investigated and data are being collected in connection with this incident.

BELGRADE, July 9, 2020 – During a protest in front of the National Assembly photojournalist of TV Nova S Vojislav Milovancevic, was attacked, with one person hitting him in the back of the head. The journalist was attacked by a group of guys in black T-shirts, with hoods. The head injuries sustained by the journalist are believed to have been caused by a blow from a boxer or some other metal object. Although at first, it seemed that it was more serious, according to the journalists, the injury was registered as a minor bodily injury. The journalist says that the attack followed after he heard one of those young men say “now is the time, now we are moving”. The case was reported to the police after medical assistance was provided at the Emergency Center. The police soon informed Vojislav that the case was forwarded to the First Basic Prosecutor’s Office, which reacted urgently and gave an order to the Ministry of the Interior to gather additional information. Very quickly, through the recordings in the possession of the Ministry of the Interior, the suspect was discovered and taken into custody. According to media reports, the man G. B. (41) from Pancevo admitted at the hearing in the prosecutor’s office that during the civil protest he attacked and hit with a “boxer” in the head the journalist of the portal Vojislav Milovancevic, who was doing his job at the time.

The suspect in the attack was sentenced to one year of house arrest by a plea agreement, which was confirmed by the competent court. As they explained from the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office, the sanction for this act seems adequate to them, considering the fact that the defendant could have not admitted guilt because if the defendant had denied or kept silent, the question is what would happen because the journalist who was attacked and injured, Vojislav Milovancevic, stated that he could not recognize him.