At the beginning of June 2020, a journalist and columnist from Banja Luka Dragan Bursac received several death threats from several different profiles via Facebook. Bursac reported these threats to the Free Media Help Line, as well as to the competent police authorities in Banja Luka.

Several edited videos have appeared on social networks, directly mentioning the names of journalists from and portals who discovered the “Respirators” affair and wrote about it, publishing their photos in a very negative context and presenting a thesis about their alleged affiliation with certain politicians and political parties.

The case was reported to the Department for the fight against computer crime of the Federal Police Directorate, which is investigating this crime, as well as to the Ministry of the Interior of Sarajevo Canton.

Commenting on the news that the West Herzegovina Canton has declared itself a “corona-free zone”, N1 TV journalist Nikola Vučić sarcastically asked via Twitter whether the “fascism-free zone” would be declared soon. This was followed by numerous threats via social networks and portals and calls for violence with remarks that Vučić should be put “in Neretva or on a stake”, labeling Vučić as a “halal Serb”, and numerous other insulting messages against him and his family.

A number of media from Herzegovina published articles in which they spread hate speech against Vučić, but also members against members of his family.

UPDATE 15.06.2020. – The Ministry of the Interior of Canton Sarajevo informed BH Journalists that they had questioned Vučić and completed the investigation, and forwarded the case to the Prosecutor’s Office for further action.

After posting a photo with two migrants, Vanja Stokić, editor-in-chief of the E-trafika portal, received a message on her Facebook profile from a person named Goran Živanović, in which he threatened to “decapitate” not only migrants, but also “all the pastors who welcome them.”

Police in Banja Luka arrested Zivanovic the next day. He was released after the hearing and the case was handed over to the Banja Luka District Prosecutor’s Office for further proceedings.

Journalist Dusan Mladjenovic was approached on several occasions by a man who insulted and threatened him. Three times in a period of two months, a middle-aged man approached the journalist and said that he was a traitor because he worked on TV N1.

It first happened in the beginning of March on the corner of Njegoseva and Nevesinjska streets when he said: “Boy, aren’t you ashamed, are you Shiptar or Bali when you work on that American treacherous television. Who pays you?” The second time happened on May 26 while he was walking with his son who was riding a scooter when the same man calling out “You lost 1000 Djilas’ euros”, “Tell me if you are a Shiptar for you work on a treacherous television. You should be ashamed. ”
The next day, the same person approached Mladjenovic again and spoke out new threats and insults.

N1 then announced that criminal charges had been filed to the First Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade against unidentified person for harassing N1 journalist Dusan Mladjenovic.

The First Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade announced that Vladimir Drakulic, who approached TV N1 journalist Dusan Mladjenović twice on the street, insulted him and called him a traitor, will remain in custody after the interrogation. Drakulic is suspected of the crime of persecution.

Journalist Furkan Saliu and cameraman Ibrahim Mamuti were in the village of Vaksince, where they spotted and filmed a large group of migrants moving in the region. On their way back to Skopje, a car cut their way, a man came out of it, threatened the journalists and told them to delete the recordings.

“Dana” journalist Natalija Mrdak received threats via social networks.

The case was reported to the police who identified D.P. and filed a criminal complaint due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that she had committed the criminal offense of endangering security.

“It is suspected that this person, through a social network, using a profile under a false name, sent a private message threatening the content of the NM journalist. Also, the DP sent several insulting comments from other false profiles. corruption, the police identified the suspect and filed a criminal complaint with the competent prosecutor, “the police said.

On 15.05.2020. Radio “Dux”, recieved a offensive content e-mail with elements of national and religious hatred was sent.

Radio officials reported the case to the Police Directorate, which identified the person who sent the message.

The defendant was brought to the prosecutor, who stated that case does not have the elements of a criminal offense, so the defendant was taken to the Misdemeanor Court for insults on national and religious grounds. He can be fined 250 to 1,500 euros or up to 60 days in prison for the offense.

The radio editorial office welcomed the police action.

Journalists Ivan Ivanović and Slobodan Georgiev received threats via the social network Twitter. In the threat to Ivanović, the person stated, “We will butcher your wife and daughter.” Long live the SNS “, while the BIRN journalist was told that he would pass as (killed Slavko) Ćuruvija.

Serbian Security Information Agency (BIA) stated “With the quick reaction of the members of the Security-Information Agency and the Ministry of the Interior, the person was arrested and, in consultation with the duty prosecutor, he will be detained for 48 hours, after which he will be brought before a competent judge.”

There is a reliable suspition that this is a person who hid behind the profile “Military Intelligence Officer” @VojniO since she made disgusting threats.