Ibrahim Mahmut and Bljerim Uka, unlawful detention, Skopje, 02.11.2017

The journalist Ibrahim Mahmut and the photo reporter Bljerim Uka, both from from TV21, were arrested by the  court police during pronunciation of the verdict for the case “Divo Naselje”.

Contry MK
Name and Surname Ibrahim Mahmut and Bljerim Uka
Gender Group Ibrahim Mahmut and Bljerim Uka
Date 02/11/2017
City / Location Скопје, Скопjе, Македонија
Type of incident Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists
By whom by policeman
Type of media Radio and television
Media name TV21
Source TV21
Judiciary status Delegates from AJM went to the police station where the journalists were detained for 6 hours. Representatives from OSCE arrived their request. AJM requested clarification from the Basic Public Persecutior and from the MOI. Still awaiting answer from MOI (February 2018).
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
Were authorities informed? Yes - Police