Actual attacks on journalists, Adis Mujdanovic, Brcko Distrikt, 14.11.2019.

Editor-in-chief of portal Adis Mujdanovic was physically assaulted by an unknown person and gained minor injuries in the attack.

The attack happened at about 12.30pm when a unidentified man attacked Mujdanovic on the street and hit him with his shoulder. Mujdanovic fell to the ground from the impact, suffering minor injuries in the form of a scratch on his left leg and minor pain in his left leg and arm.

The Free Media Help Line (FHML) has sent a letter to the Brcko District Police regarding the attack.
The Brcko District Police informed the FHML that they had identified the attacker under the initials A.R. (1990) from Brcko, and had referred the case to the Brcko Basic Court for further action.

Contry BH
Name and Surname Adis Mujdanovic
Gender Male
Date 14/11/2019
City / Location
Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
By whom To journalists by citizens
Type of media online
Media name
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police