Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Domagoj Margetić, Zagreb, 24.05.2015.


    At night of May 24/25,.2015, in mail box at entrance of Margetić’s building, while he was still under ploce protection,  somebody (N.N.) left rope noos and one document from Hypo scandal, previously (middle of December) stolen from his apartment. The incident was reported to the police and police investigated it. Some ten days prio that incident one of policemen who was on duty as his security officer (V. M.) warned Margetić that he had noticed NN male watching building entrence. he again draw margetić’s attention to that person at the moment they both headed towards Tomašiće Street. At that moment N.N. surveiled them from the corner of Brešćenskoga and Bauerova Street and when the policeman started to approach him, he speeded up towards Šubićeva Street and vanished. The policeman V. M. told Margetić he had seen the same person that morning while they took Margetić’s dog for a walk to th enearby park. It evidently means that someboday was watching him and policemen on duty. After that threatening content was found in the mail box.