Attacks on journalists, Milka Smilevska, 09.09.2020

At the protest organized by the political party VMRO-DPMNE, journalist Milka Smilevska and cameraman Jorde Angelovic from the Al Jazeera media were attacked and prevented from performing their professional duties by an unknown person. The assailant pushed the microphone out of the journalist’s hand after asking which media outlet they were reporting on.

Contry MK
Name and Surname Milka Smilevska
Gender Female
Date 09/09/2020
City / Location Скопје, North Macedonia
Type of incident Actual attacks on journalists
By whom To journalists by citizens
Type of media Radio and television
Media name Al Jezeera
Source Al Jezeera
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police