Attacks on media outlets and organisations, KRIK, Belgrade, 10.3.2021.

After the pro-government media initiated  smear campaign against the KRIK, members of the National Assembly dealt with KRIK and its alleged connection to criminals and the opposition. Beside MPs Aleksandar Marković, Vladimir Orlić, Đorđe Milićević… MP and Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture Sandra Bozic also highlight, among other things, that KRIK, which, of course, is paid by Đilas, “tries to justify the virtuosity of (Belivuk’s) mafia crime”.

Contry SR
Name and Surname Jurnalists of KRIK
Gender Group
Date 10/03/2021
City / Location Beograd, Srbija
Type of incident Attacks on media outlets and organizations
By whom Aggressive public declarations by state officials
Type of media online
Media name Crime and Corruption Reporting Network - KRIK
Source Cenzolovka
Was journalist`s association informed Yes