Intimidation – verbal threat, Samir Adrovic, Ulcinj, 07.07.2019.


    Correspondent of the Vijesti daily from Ulcinj, Samir Adrovic, received threat on July 7, 2019 via Facebook, due to his reporting.

    Dissatisfied with the way in which the journalist reported about the event in Shas (place in Ulcinj), Samir Selovic, brother of the imam Jetmir Selovic, threatened Adrovic with beating.

    “Samir, my namesake, it would be good if you write a little better title for ‘Vijesti’, do not show public hypocrisy … Be a decent journalist as it should, not a fake, to be loved by someone. So you do not get beaten by the locals next time and remember Shas for all time…”, wrote Selovic, among other things, on Facebook.

    Samir Selovic was arrested a day later, which was also confirmed to “Vijesti” by the main state prosecutor in Ulcinj, Faruk Resulbegovic, alleging that this person was deprived of his freedom around 12 hours.

    The Prosecutor explained that Selovic was charged with committing a criminal offense – endangering security.