Lynching vocabulary of PDK and LDK towards RTV Dukagjini, Pristina, 21.01.2021

The Democratic League of Kosovo and The Democratic Party of Kosovo used lynching vocabulary towards RTV Dukagjini. Such lynching vocabulary is unacceptable for AJK, as it is considered pressure towards our journalist colleagues. Due to the accusations of the media that they are in favor of a certain political subject, they target media toward threats. In case of complaints, the AJK calls upon all political subjects to direct them to the competent bodies.

AJK considers that this kind of pressure directly affects the editorial policies, as it is a direct form of public pressure. AJK considers this subjective approach of the political subjects toward media, a threat to freedom of speech.

Contry KO
Name and Surname RTV Dukagjini
Gender Group
Date 21/01/2021
City / Location
Type of incident Attacks on media outlets and organizations
By whom By public officials
Name of the perpetrator PDK, LDK.
Type of media Radio and television
Media name RTV Dukagjini
Source Social Networks, Conference
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
Were authorities informed? Case was not reported to the police