Attacks on journalists, Milan Srdic i Lazar Vukadinovic, Novi Sad, 08.07.2020.



    NOVI SAD, July 8, 2020 – RTS correspondents from Novi Sad, journalist Milan Srdic and cameraman Lazar Vukadinovic, were physically and verbally attacked while reporting on a protest in front of the city assembly in Novi Sad on July 8. According to Srdić, as they approached the town hall, various people shouted at us – Jackie Chan, where you were last night, did RTs finally remember to report, to which the journalist kindly replied to everyone. When we approached almost the center of the event, in order to record the best possible material, stronger verbal attacks started. Srdić tried to explain to the protesters that he agreed with them that the public service should follow what is happening in front of the protests, especially in Belgrade, and that they now have the opportunity to say what they want because RTS is now broadcasting there as well. However, the demonstrators were not interested in that and a physical attack on Lazar Vukadinovic, the cameraman, started. The camera was torn off from his hand, he was hit and on that occasion, his hand was injured. Protesters kicked the camera and pushed Srdic, snatching the microphone from his hands. After that, other citizens approached and took the journalists under their protection. Soon after that, the journalists left and the incident calmed down.