Offensive language and threats towards the journalists of Gazeta Express, Pristina, 17.05.2021

    Contry KO
    Name and Surname Gazeta Express
    Gender Group Gazeta Express
    Date 17/05/2021
    City / Location
    Type of incident Other threats to journalists
    By whom By public officials
    Name of the perpetrator Anita Xhabiri
    Type of media online
    Media name Gazeta Express
    Source Gazeta Express
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    The official of the Directorate of Education in the Municipality of Prishtina, Anita Xhabiri has offended a journalist of the Gazeta Express after she requested about the stance of the Directorate of Education, upon reporting that a minor has been sexually abused from the several students. Following the publication of the news about the insult, it is reported that Editorial Office of the Gazeta Express on Saturday has received a threatening phone call from Xhabiri’s husband. He demanded that the news about his wife should be removed, where he threatened that if such a thing will not happen, the journalists will personally deal with him. “You must delete the news, I am going to the Police, but if you do not remove the news, in addition to the Police, you will personally deal with me. You have problems with my family, behavior or whatever you write, and eat sh * t, you will be in trouble. When you call my wife, you will have to deal with me. I do not care for what you are calling my wife, you are calling my wife, for official information, go to hell. This news that you have published, you will deal personally with me, not officially. You are going to remove it, I am going to the Police and then coming to you and we will solve the case immediately, did you understand?” Following the reporting of the case to the Police, journalist of Gazeta Express was interviewed in the capacity of a victim. Meanwhile, the suspected person was arrested and after an interview upon the prosecutor’s order was released in the regular procedure.

    For AJK, It is worrying the fact that journalists are still victims of such insults and threats from public officials. Such denigrating language from the municipal official and the threat made to journalists by her husband is completely unacceptable and violates freedom of expression and of media.

    AJK invites public officials to recognize the role of journalists in a democratic society and to distance themselves from insults and threats against them. Whereas, for any injustice that they consider that is being conducted towards them, to address to the competent authorities.