Online threats, Natalija Mrdak, 19.05.2020.

“Dana” journalist Natalija Mrdak received threats via social networks.

The case was reported to the police who identified D.P. and filed a criminal complaint due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that she had committed the criminal offense of endangering security.

“It is suspected that this person, through a social network, using a profile under a false name, sent a private message threatening the content of the NM journalist. Also, the DP sent several insulting comments from other false profiles. corruption, the police identified the suspect and filed a criminal complaint with the competent prosecutor, “the police said.

Contry MN
Name and Surname Natalija Mrdak
Gender Female
Date 19/05/2020
City / Location
Type of incident Other threats to journalists
By whom To journalists by citizens
Name of the perpetrator D.P.
Type of media print
Media name Dan
Public prosecutor The prosecutor hasn't given the statement about the case.
Was journalist`s association informed No
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office