Other threats to journalists, Capital.ba, Banja Luka, 21.02.2020.

The representative of Republika Srpska in Russia Dusko Perovic made open threats to Capital’s editorial board and editor-in-chief Sinisa Vukelic for publishing the story about Russian investor Rasid Serdarov and the company “Comsar Energy”.

In a phone call to the newsroom, Perovic threatened that he would “close” the Capital portal himself if editor Sinisa Vukelic once again wrote anything about the work of “Comsar Energy”, stressed that the portal would quickly “be done with” and that editor Vukelic should “better move to Mars”. These threats were recorded on an audio recording.

Contry BH
Name and Surname Capital.ba
Gender Group
Date 21/02/2020
City / Location
Type of incident Other threats to journalists
By whom By public officials
Name of the perpetrator Duško Perović
Type of media online
Media name Capital.ba
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
What was journalists' association reaction The BH Journalists and the Free Media Help Line informed about the threats domestic and international organizations for the protection of freedom of expression and safety of journalists, including the Russian Embassy in BiH, as these threats were sent from the territory of the Russian Federation. BH Journalists have sent a request to the RS MUP for an urgent investigation into the case, as well as a request to the Government of Republika Srpska to publicly condemn "the primitive and arrogant behavior of their official, and to take legal measures towards Perovic".
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police