Other threats to journalists, Drago Pilsel, Zagreb, 05.10.2020.

On Monday, October 5, 2020, in the afternoon, an incident occured in a restaurant in Zagreb. Former parliament representative, Zeljko Glasnovic, verbally attacked journalist Drago Pilsel. Pilsel says that Glasnovic approached his table, but that the journalist recognized him after he put on his glasses. Glasnovic waved with arms and Pilsel thought he would hit him, got scared and backed away. Pilsel says Glasnovic insulted, cursed him and say he was “the same as those who killed half a million Croats”. The waiter of the restaurant approached the table and asked Glasnovic to go to his table. When he finished insulting, Glasnovic went to his table and then left the restaurant. Pilsel posted the following on Facebook after the conflict: “I was just attacked, in a public place, by General Zeljko Glasnovic. I am waiting for the police to arrive.” Pilsel doesn’t know what provoked Glasnovic to this attack.

Contry CRO
Name and Surname Drago Pilsel
Gender Male
Date 05/10/2020
City / Location Zagreb, Croatia
Type of incident Other threats to journalists
By whom By public persons
Name of the perpetrator Zeljko Glasnovic
Source Journalist
Was journalist`s association informed No
Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police