Other threats to journalists, Tonino, Radenovic, Orahovica, 4.1.2021.

    Country CRO
    Name and Surname Tonino Rađenović
    Gender Male
    Date 04/01/2021
    City / Location Orahovica, Croatia
    Type of incident Other threats to journalists
    By whom By public persons
    Name of the perpetrator Mirko Sekulić
    Type of media Radio and television
    Media name Radio Orahovica
    Source portalnovosti.hr
    Was journalist`s association informed No
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    On the morning of January 4, Mirko Sekulić, president of the Croatian Defense Forces Volunteers Association (UDHOS), broke into Radio Orahovica’s office to threaten journalist, editor and director Tonin Radjenović in front of his colleagues, insulting him along the way. “You’re a piece of shit from a man, when I come to power, you’ll be the first one I’ll fire, if you don’t have the money to sue, I’ll give it to you,” he told him. Sekulic was dissatisfied with the fact that the invitation to the members of UDHOS to volunteer in Banija was not published on the portal of Radio Orahovica.