Threaths against the lives and limbs of journalists, Zinaida Đelilović, Žurnal, Sarajevo, 06.01.2021.

    Country BH
    Name and Surname Zinaida Đelilović
    Gender Female
    Date 06/01/2021
    City / Location
    Type of incident Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists
    By whom By public officials
    Name of the perpetrator Adnan Čakalović
    Type of media online
    Media name Ž
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    Zinaida Djelilovic received direct threats from Adnan Cakalovic, senior expert associate of the Sector for Refugees and Displaced Persons at the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH. The case has been reported to the police and journalist Djelilovic gave her statement to the police.