Intimidation – verbal threat, Politika, Belgrade, 06.11.2015.


    While obtaining information on a bomb explosion in Vracar, the journalist Danijela Vukosavljevic and the Politika daily photographer were attacked by Bozidar Filipovic, tenant of the building in front of which the explosion had taken place. He invited them to his flat and they accepted the invitation believing that they would obtain some information. However, they were exposed to horrible threats. On this occasion, Filipovic said as follows: “Now that you have come in, you will never get out. I will fill you up with lead and then we’ll see who will write the article”. He kept us imprisoned for about 15 minutes. He also had an electronic bracelet around his arm, as he had been was convicted for assaulting an officer. His lawyer was also in the flat. We wanted to wait for the police, but the flat owner demanded that we leave the flat, said Vukosavljevic.