Intimidation – verbal threats, Jelena Jovanović, 22.03.2018.

Zdravko Gojković was arrested on March 22, 2018 after he threatened in “Vijesti” newsroom to a journalist, Jelena Jovanović.  According to journalist’s statement, her colleagues informed her that during the morning Gojković called, expressing his disapproval of the article in which he was mentioned as one of the persons who were interrogated by the police for the attack on Nemanja Prelević. He demanded from an author of the article to call him.

After that, he came to the newsroom about 12 PM and immediately addressed her with a raised tone, saying: “It’s not true that I have a conflict over a debt, Nemanja Prelević is a psychiatric case.” After the journalist told him that she cannot remove the article from the portal, but that he had the right to react or deny claims in the articles, he pushed newspapers off the table and said “I act differently, I know how to deal with you”, telling her to watch her herself out.

The prosecution suspects him of a criminal offense of endangering security, for which a fine or imprisonment of up to one year has been prescribed.

Gojković was sentenced to three months in prison. This is the first instance verdict of the judge of the Podgorica Basic Court Larisa Stamatovic Mijuškovic, which was passed on 31st of January 2019.

This decision was confirmed by the High Court in early April 2019, and Gojkovic was sentenced to three months in prison.

Contry MN
Name and Surname Jelena Jovanović
Gender Female
Date 22/03/2018
City / Location Podgorica Municipality, Montenegro
Type of incident Other threats to journalists
By whom To journalists by citizens
Name of the perpetrator Zdravko Gojković
Type of media print online
Media name "Vijesti"
Source Media
Public prosecutor Raised charges
Legal closure Perpatrator is convicted
Legal closure decision Three months in jail.
Was journalist`s association informed No