Arrest, Jovo Martinovic, Podgorica, 23.10.2015.


    Journalist Jovo Martinovic was detained 23 Oct 2015, and charged with two offenses: creation of a criminal organization under Article 401a, paragraph 2 in relation with paragraph 1 in relation with paragraph 6 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro and unauthorized production, possession and distribution of narcotics under Article 300, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro.
    He claimed not guilty and that he was in contact with the main suspect Dusko Martinovic (with whom he’s not related) for documentary films that he was doing for the French television Capa +. The two of them have previously worked in a similar manner and these films were published.
    Despite several requests of lawyers that Martinovic be allowed to defend himself while at liberty, he is still in custody. Half a year he has been detained without charge. The trial began in second half of September 2016. On January 4th Martinovic has been released from over a year of detention ahead of his appearance in court on January 19 to answer drugs-smuggling charges while pending trial.

    In January 2018, the High Court in Podgorica sentenced Martinovic to 18 months in prison. The judgment is the first instance and an appeal is permitted. In October 2019, the Appellate Court suspended the judgement against him. The verdict was also overturned for Branka Stanisic, who was sentenced to a year and three months in prison, so they will be tried again before the High Court.