Threats and insults to the journalist, Slavisa Lekic, Belgrade 18.02.2020.



    MP’s of the ruling majority in the National Assembly insulted Slavisa Lekic, the author of the movie “Vladalac”. Serbian Progressive Party MP Aleksandar Markovic described the show as “propaganda garbage” and added that it was “the most primitive propaganda on which Goebbels would  feel envy .” According to him, “journalist “wanna be” Slavisa Lekic gathered everyone who hate Aleksandar Vucic in order to attack him”. People’s Peasant Party Chairman Marijan Risticevic asked the Minister of Culture and Information who is financing the Vladalac series. Risticevic added that he wanted to know if “it was commissioned by the Albanian mafia” and stressed  out that “N1 is a pirated and unregistered television station that shows only the failures, members of the Alliance for Serbia”.