AJM signs Charter on improving the work conditions for journalists and media workers


SKOPJE, 30.01.2020 – The Association of Journalists of Macedonia today supported and signed the Charter on improving the work conditions of journalists and media workers, initiated by the Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) following the guidelines of the European Federation of Journalists.

The President of AJM, Mladen Chadikovski signed the Charter emphasizing that journalism is one of the more difficult, stressful and responsible professions. “Without quality journalists and without quality journalism we cannot have a well-informed public. This brings us back to the working conditions of journalists because we cannot have a well-informed public if journalists work in difficult and unsafe work conditions,” he said, adding that AJM will always be there to meet and support the full implementation of this Charter. “We will even help to expand and upgrade it because journalism is a dynamic profession and things are changing rapidly in this sector,” Chadikovski said.

President Chadikovski also welcomed both draft contracts that were presented during the same event, which concerned employment in the online media. He said he would pledge to persuade online media outlets that are part of the Professional Online Media Registry to take up these draft contracts and improve the working conditions of their employees. “At the same time, I urge traditional media to consider both contracts and take on things that can be incorporated in addition to their existing contracts, as this can be a significant step towards restoring the dignity of the journalistic profession and it is a way to follow the European trends of regulating the work conditions for journalists,” said Chadikovski.