The police to find out who is putting warrant on the streets for Veran Matić and threatening the journalists who are protecting OK radio

Source/Author: IJAS

Coalition for Freedom of the Media (Coalition) and ANEM condemn the arrest warrant on the streets of Vranje with the figure of Veran Matić after he, together with representatives of journalist associations from the Permanent Working Group for the Safety of Journalists, defended OK Radio and its owner Olivera Vladković, who are under attack by people from criminal world.

The posters covering streets of Vranje with a photo of Matic say that he is “destroying Vranje” after he and other members of the Permanent Working Group and the Government Working Group for Security and Protection of Journalists confronted people from the criminal world who walled up the OK Radio editorial office in Vranje.

According to the information of journalists’ associations, despite the decision of the construction inspection of Vranje to demolish the illegally built facility that walled up the OK radio, scheduled for June 29 and 30, with the assistance of the police, the works continued in the presence of personal security.

JAS, Coalition and Anem demand that the police find out who is responsible for these posters in Vranje which appeared after representatives of professional journalists’ associations visited OK radio and pointed out violations of the law and informed the public about criminal acts to protect their colleagues.

JAS, the Coalition and ANEM remind that the owner of OK Radio, Dejan Nikolić “Kantar”, is in custody due to threats.

JAS, Coalition and ANEM expect from the Construction Inspection of Vranje that the illegally built facility with which the windows of the OK Radio editorial office were walled up will be removed at the scheduled time, that the police will make a security assessment and protect journalists and the owner of OK Radio.