PODGORICA, 02.09.2021 – The Ministry of Health will provide free rapid antigen tests for all media representatives who report from gatherings for the presence of which the National Digital COVID certificate is required, and who, although they belong to the priority group for immunization, have not been vaccinated so far.

This was announced by the minister, Jelena Borovinić Bojović.

“The media in Montenegro, despite all the differences, without exception, have so far shown and proved that they are absolute allies of medicine, which is why the Ministry of Health is grateful for their contribution to the process of immunization against coronavirus,” said Borovinic Bojovic.

Free rapid antigen tests, as she explained, will be done in Podgorica at the Institute of Public Health, and in other cities the testing will be done in the local hygienic and epidemiological services.

“Testing must be announced from the official e-mail address of the media in which employees work. Aware of the fact that, unfortunately, it is still rarely said publicly that journalists, cameramen, photojournalists and presenters are constantly exposed to an increased risk of coronavirus, the Ministry Health of Montenegro in this way also wants to draw attention to this group, which has been in the focus of our attention since day one, which is why we are obliged, on behalf of all citizens, to pay additional respect to them. The Ministry of Health encourages all media in Montenegro to persevere in their tasks with gratitude on all pages and articles dedicated to health professionals and public health” said the Minister of Health.