AJK strongly condemns the language used by senior PDK official Gani Koci towards journalist Jeta Xharra


PRISTINA, 03.07.2020 – Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK), strongly condemns the language used by the senior official of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Gani Koci, towards the journalist Jeta Xharra.

Through a post on the social network Facebook, Koci wrote: “Time has come not to disinfect, but to close these Serbian septic tanks that remain in Kosovo. They are stinking a lot”, calling serbian septic tanks that should be closed with concrete some personalities, including BIRN’s journalist Jeta Xharra.

For AJK, this way of expressing towards journalists is an attack on freedom of expression. Such pressures are detrimental not only to the work of journalists, but also to democracy in the country.

Journalists have the right to do their job freely, without fearing labels of this nature.

AJK also calls on all political officials to stop attacks on journalists, so that their work can serve the opinion and democratic development of society.