AJK in cooperation with IAK provides 15000 masks and over 3300 disinfectants for journalists, cameramen and photojournalists

PRISTINA, 07.08.2020 – Today, Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) and Insurance Association of Kosovo (IAK), signed a cooperation contract, with the purpose of helping journalists in Pristina, due to the increasing numbers of infected cases with COVID-19, in this municipality. The donation provided by IAK includes 15000 masks and 3000 disinfectants of 100ml and 300 others of 1l.

The President of AJK, Gentiana Begolli Pustina, considered this assistance of the IAK of special importance in protecting journalists, who are already facing many problems, and not just financial ones. According to her, the protection of journalists, cameramen and photojournalists, contributes not only to the protection of their health and the functioning of the media, but also to the dissemination of accurate and real-time information to citizens of Republic of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the IAK director, Sami Mazreku, expressed his dedication towards enhancing the cooperation with AJK, and emphasized his willingness to organize annual training for journalists who report on the economy and also reward journalists annually with three awards for the best stories.

Regarding the distribution procedure, AGK has the lists of our colleagues who work in the field and who were supplied with protection packages during the first donation. On the matter of withdrawing new packages, the same ones will be notified in time.

AJK will continue its commitment to receive other donations, in order to help the community we represent and make it easier for our colleagues to work during this global pandemic.

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