AJK provides offices without financial cost

Association of Journalists of Kosovo

PRISTINA, 11.02.2020 – Public Housing Enterprise together with the Municipality of Prishtina, have secured  two offices for one more year for the functioning of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, the most representative organization of the journalist community in the country.

Given that the AJK activity is dependent on mainly international donors and partners and seeing the need for adequate space, as of August 2019, the PBE has enabled the AJK to relocate to new facilities by exempting them from payment of the rent.

Previously, the Association of Journalists of Kosovo paid around 400 euros monthly rent in a private local.

AJK expresses its gratitude for the assistance and correctness of the directors of the Public Housing Enterprise and the Municipality of Prishtina, who through this agreement have facilitated the  operating of the AJK.

AJK expresses its commitment to respect the agreement and expresses its readiness to continue cooperation in the coming years.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo, Pristina, 11/02/2020