AJK condemns the denigrating language towards journalists of #mekryeministrin Facebook group


Association of Journalists of Kosovo is worried about the ongoing smear camping against journalist from the Facebook group #mekryeministrin (with primeminister).

This group which functions in support of the ruling Vetevendosje party and PM Kurti, continuously smears journalists of different media outlets. Immediately after reopening, the group administrators launched a new series of attacks by labeling some part of media as “Klan Pronto” media.

The public support from the Vetevendosje MP, Fitore Pacolli for this group and this kind of language, seriously endangers journalists, and it is unacceptable for AJK, and as such we strongly condemn it.

We call on the Government of Republic of Kosovo and Vetevendosje to distance themselves from this denigrating language and stop supporting such attacks, even if indirectly.