AJK: Olluri’s interview by the Police, extreme violation of the laws that protect journalists and media


PRISTINA, 17.04.2021 – The Association of Journalists of Kosovo – AJK, since last night is following with concern the events that took place after the publication of Gazeta Insajderi.

For AJK, it is completely unacceptable to interview Parim Olluri, Director of Gazeta Insajderi in order to reveal their source, as this is essentially a flagrant violation of the Law on Protection of Journalists’ Resources and the right to media freedom.

AJK calls upon the competent authorities to initiate disciplinary proceedings against police officers and prosecutors who have abused their authority, and calls upon all relevant actors to stop pressuring and obstructing the journalists while they are on duty.

At the same time, AJK encourages all of the journalists not to give up in when facing such obstacles and to work diligently to inform the public.