AJK reacts against the language of the press release of PDK towards Gazeta Express

Source/Author: AGK
Source/Photo: PDK - Faqja e Facebook


Pristina, 22.08.2019 –The verbal attack of the Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK) towards Gazeta Express is unacceptable for AJK. The public call “Don’t trust the fake news of the Gazeta Express” is such flagrant interference towards a medium.

The language of this political party continues to degrade, which among others, says that it respects the media and freedom of expression, but calls upon all Kosovo citizens to cast doubt on the news published by Gazeta Express, by calling the news of the newspaper fake.

“The website has already embarked on this mission with a clear purpose to hurt the PDK with an incomprehensible hostility. So, therefore, we call upon all Kosovo citizens to cast doubt on the news published by Gazeta Express”, they added on their press release.

AJK expresses its concern about this language being used by a political party towards media, which has been part of the ascendancy for years and AJK estimates that this is direct pressure on editorial policies and a direct form of public pressure.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo reacted on May 3, when the head of this Political Party, Kadri Veseli, called and pressured Leonard Kerquki the Editor in Chief of Gazeta Express.

AJK invites PDK to distance itself from such a language, which affects the professional integration of journalists.