AJM and OSCE provided protective equipment for journalists and media workers in North Macedonia

The Association of Journalists (AJM) and the OSCE Mission to Skopje informed that the distribution of packages with protective equipment for the media from North Macedonia started today. According to them, each of the packages contains protective masks, gloves, goggles, disinfectants and more, while the packages will be distributed to the media over the next few days.

The President of AJM, Mladen Chadikovski said that informing is very important during these difficult times and they must do everything to protect journalists, in order for the real and accurate news to reach the citizens. “Media workers are on the front lines, exposed to all kinds of dangers, and as we can see, they are also at risk of being infected. While being protected we research, publish and inform. The coronavirus is dangerous, but just as dangerous is the contagion that we remain uninformed about what is happening around us in this state of emergency,” he said. “That is why AJM in cooperation with the OSCE MIssion to Skopje provide 150 packages of various equipment, necessary for the physical protection of journalists and media workers, which will now be divided to about 100 media (radios, televisions, newspapers, portals) around the country”, he added.

The Head of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, Clemens Koja, noted that journalists play a key role in informing the public about the pandemic. “Journalists and media workers may be exposed to the infection during their travels and meetings with citizens.  We are pleased, in cooperation with the Association of Journalists to be able to provide equipment to protect journalists as they seek to provide vital information to the public,” he said.

, Skopje, 16/04/2020