Filipovic convicted for endangering safety of Tadić Mijović


PODGORICA, 8.10.2021 – Bozidar Bosko Filipovic (56) from Petrovac was sentenced to three months in prison for endangering the safety of the director of the Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro, Milka Tadic Mijovic, Vijesti published.

In August, Filipovic verbally attacked Tadic Mijovic in Petrovac.

The convicting decision was made by the judge of the Basic Court in Kotor, Momirka Tesić, who extended Filipovic’s detention.

During her closing arguments, state prosecutor Andja Radovanovic requested that Filipovic’s detention be extended.

In his closing remarks, the attorney of the injured party, Tadic Mijovic, lawyer Aleksandar Djurisic, assessed that the presentation of evidence undoubtedly established the factual situation, ie proved that there were elements of the criminal offense of Filipovic.

“The testimony of the injured party Tadic Mijovic is fully confirmed by witness Radovic (Milos). And if that is not the case, the fact is that the injured party is innocent, without a criminal record and is engaged in socially useful public activity that sometimes attracts attention. In a specific legal matter, it is untrue that she wrote an article to which the defendant refers in his defense as the reason for this event, “said Djurisic.

Defendant’s attorney, Slavica Ilic, in her closing arguments, requested that Filipovic’s custody be lifted. The defendant asked for the same.

Filipovic, a former boxer who is marked in the police records as an interesting security person, was arrested in mid-August in Petrovac after he verbally attacked a journalist and threatened her.

The 56-year-old did not plead guilty at any stage of the proceedings but claimed that he was trying to protect the journalist from a verbal attack by a certain person while she was parking.