N1 warns of increasing pressure from Serbian authorities


BELGRADE, 26.07.2019. – N1 T V warned on Friday that the authorities are increasing the pressure on the station with no intention of changing anything in the media field.

“Just two months after the latest European Commission report on Serbia which said that the state of media freedom is bad and that no progress has been made, leading the Europea Union to express fear, the executive authorities in Serbia are unequivocally showing that they have no intention of changing anything,” a statement said.

“On the contrary, they have been stepping up the pressure on N1 and remaining independent media every day, clearly showing that they won’t stop until those media are all killed off.

After ruling coalition MPs attacked N1 TV and other independent media for hours in parliament last week instead of debating the agenda, yesterday’s session of parliament when the prime minister and cabinet ministers answered questions from MPs was used to a large extent for a series of new accusations, attacks and pressure on N1 TV.

Although the Prime Minister confirmed in her replies to questions during the session that N1 TV is registered in Luxembourg and does not broadcast in violation of the laws of Serbia, ruling coalition MPs continued the obviously synchronized and directed campaign against N1 with the help of ministers and the prime minister.

In that way, the Serbian authorities turned parliament into a platform to deal with the independent media in the harshest way,” the statement said.