Reconfirms MIA: Regardless of the hour, journalists and other media workers are not hindered in fulfilling their duties

PRISTINA, 27.08.2020 – Association of Journalists of Kosovo has received concerns from our colleagues that from Thursday they will be fined the same as other citizens if they violate the curfew. In this regard, AJK immediately contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which announced that it has not changed anything in the decision to allow the movement of journalists and media workers.

In the response for AJK, MIA made it clear that the current rules apply to the movement of journalists and media workers.

“We inform you that nothing has changed in this regard, the current rules for the development of their activities apply”, it is said in the response of the Ministry.

AJK calls on journalists, cameramen, photojournalists and other media workers to carry their work I.D., which will prove their professional commitment.

Photo credits: Arben Llapashtica

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